Thursday, March 29, 2018

Left Bracket Fifth Round: Bosch v. Balla!

This Left Bracket Fifth Round match pairs Bosch (5-1, 52-32, .619) against Balla (4-1, 39-29, .573).  Balla has been knocked into the Left Brackets by Altdorfer, while Bosch arrives via a victory over Botticelli.  

With an outstanding record of 4-2, 52-31, .627, Botticelli ranks fifth among artists who have exited the Tournament, behind only Antonella da Messina, Fabritius, Fillipino Lippi, and Boccioni.  He knocks Picabia out of the "finishers' top ten."

Hieronymus Bosch
c.1450 - 1516
It is quite a feat that a Dutchman who painted 500 years ago remains one of the most notable apocalyptic painters of the world and one of art’s first visionary geniuses. Hieronymus Bosch is most celebrated for his detail-drenched and symbolic narrative renditions of the dance between heaven and hell through biblical-themed landscapes upon which play a revolving cast of fantastical, and often macabre humans, animals, monsters, and make-believe creatures. His paintings demonstrate our age-old tales of morality and the eventual fate of all sinners who succumb to the pleasures and perversity of the ego. These timeless stories, masterfully portrayed upon canvas in Bosch’s impeccably steady hand, continue to challenge interpretation as well as position the artist as one of the canon’s first original thinkers.
- The Art Story

Note: the attribution of this quintessentially Boschian painting has recently been called into question.

Giacomo Balla
On the stage of art history, when the spotlight shines on Futurism, Giacomo Balla is always left rather in the shadows. ....[But] Balla was instinctively a modernist and a futurist long before actually signing a pile of manifestos. He was an artist animated by an omnivorous curiosity that led him to take an interest in science and technology, photography, cinema and anything else that was invented. More than anyone else, it was Balla who was the visual drafter of the principles of the movement, the alchemist who transformed them into images of such explosive iconic power.
- Italica
  • Defeated Hans Baldung in Round 1
  • Edged by Balthus in Round 2 by a single vote.  YOUR VOTE COUNTS! 
  • Got by John James Audubon in Round 3.
  • Beat Basquiat quite soundly in Round 4.
  • Fell hard to Albrecht Altdorfer in Round 5.


Morgan said...

Balla. But it's, like, apples to oranges, so Bosch shouldn't feel to bad about it.

Christine M. said...


mrs.5000 said...

Most decidedly Bosch.

Michael5000 said...

I'll vote for Bosch and his own mad vision of futurism. Or whatever.

boonec1974 said...

Another vote for the fascinatingly demonic world of Bosch.

Nichim said...

Balla. His pictures are quite nice, and I do not like that other fellow one bit.

Michael5000 said...

Susan votes for Bosch.

pfly said...

This one is much easier than Varo-Benton. Bosch Bosch Bosch.

DrSchnell said...


Candida said...


Michael5000 said...

Bosch for an easy 8-2 win, as he continues his run across the Left Bracket! He'll take on Fra Angelico tomorrow -- that should be interesting. They're ALL interesting!