Thursday, September 15, 2016

Third Thursday Semi-Finals: Botticelli v. Bosch!

Third Thursday: Bringing big names to your mid-month!

"Semifinals" designates the Fourth to Seventh Rounds of the Infinite Art Tournament.  This is the first ever Left Bracket Fourth Round Elimination Match.  It pairs Sandro Botticelli (4-1, 48-25, .658) and Hieronymus Bosch (4-1, 46-28, .622). Leaving the Tournament at their hands are Albert Bierstadt (5-2, 55-37, .598) and Giuseppe Arcimboldo (4-2-1, 47-39, .547). Bierstadt sets new records for most wins and most votes in favor of any artist leaving the Tournament; his "batting average" of votes in favor is the 6th highest of any ousted artist.

Sandro Botticelli
1445 - 1510
  • Beat Colombian Fernando Botero in an amazing come-from-behind victory in Round 1.
  • Made short work of 18th century France's Fran├žois Boucher in Round 2.
  • Disposed of Aussie Arthur Boyd in Round 3.
  • Lost to Pieter Bruegel in Round 4.
  • Defeated Albert Bierstadt in the Left Bracket Fourth Round.

Hieronymus Bosch
c.1450 - 1516
  • Trounced Paris Bordone in Round 1.
  • Escaped upset by French installation guy Christian Boltanski in Round 2 by a single vote. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!
  • Held out against the English engraver-poet William Blake in Round 3.
  • Lost to sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini in Round 4.
  • Trounced Giuseppe Arcimboldo in the Left Bracket Fourth Round.


Morgan said...

Oh, it's most certainly Bosch.

Christine M. said...


Nichim said...

I do not like either one, but I think I dislike Bosch slightly less.

Michael5000 said...

Susan votes for Botticelli.

pfly said...

Despite all the prints hanging on college dorm room walls, I like Bosch.

mrs.5000 said...

Oh, this is more apples-to-apples than you'd think, since they were contemporaries, but it's a match of the sublimely beautiful v. the sublimely ugly. I really like them both, but I'll give it to Bosch.

DrSchnell said...


boonec1974 said...

I'll go with the sublimely beautiful.

Michael5000 said...

Sheer madness. What could possibly make me turn against, Bosch, my first love in the realm of art?

Turns out it's Botticelli.

Candida said...

Oh, argh, this is tough. Two early art loves are up against each other. But Botticelli gets my nod today.

Michael5000 said...

Botticelli takes the three last votes to fend off a rout, but still falls to Bosch four votes to six. Going 4-2, losing to Bosch and Breughel? You can't say that Botticelli didn't have a pretty good Tournament.