Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Infinite Art Tournament Left Bracket Fourth-Round Elimination: Avercamp v. Fra Angelico!

This Left Bracket Fourth Round Elimination Match features Hendrick Avercamp (6-1-3, 80-51, .611) and Fra Angelico (4-1, 41-28, .594). They got here by defeating Basquiat (3-2, 33-35, .485) and Beckman (4-2, 44-40, .524), respectively. Avercamp is making his eleventh Tournament appearance, which I believe is a new record.

Both artists have won against Sofonisba Anguissola, which is saying something.  Fra Angelico beat Arcimboldo, however, while Avercamp only fought him to a draw.  Let's see how they fare against each other.  What do YOU think?

Hendrick Avercamp

Fra Angelico
  • Defeated Florentine master Andrea del Sarto in Round 1 by a decisive but respectful margin.
  • Beat Sofonisba Anguissola in Round 2 by a two-vote swing. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!! (This match was incorrectly determined a tie in March 2013; the miscount was discovered in May 2013. YOUR VIGILANCE COUNTS!!!)
  • Made it past Arcimboldo in Round 3.
  • Lost to Albrecht Altdorfer in Round 4 by a two-vote swing. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!
  • Beat Max Beckmann in the Left Bracket Fourth Round.


Morgan said...

Fra Angelico for me.

Alex Shields said...


Christine M. said...

Fra Angelico

mrs.5000 said...

Fra Angelico!

Michael5000 said...

Susan votes Avercamp!

DrSchnell said...


boonec1974 said...

Sorry Mr. Winter, but it's gotta be Fra.

Nichim said...

Fra Angelico

Michael5000 said...

Avercamp's fun, but he's skated way out onto the thin ice at this point. I vote for the Fra.

Michael5000 said...

Susan says "Avercamp -- I'm sticking to the skaters."

pfly said...

Avercamp for me