Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Decathlon: Event #2!

It’s Event #2! Time for the category of:

Visual Creativity

You have until Saturday noon PDT to enter this event.

Use one of the following formats:

• Flowchart
• Venn Diagram
• Graph or Chart
• Allegorical Map
• Political Cartoon
• Altered Fine Arts Imagery

…to express an original and/or amusing idea about one of the following:

• The relative merits of food, shelter, security, and art
• How the world is going to hell in a handbasket and things just aren't like how they used to be
• The role of technology in contemporary relationships
• Rock Music, Then and Now
• Fruits and Vegetables
• How culture shapes language, or maybe language shapes culture, or whatever

You can create your entry by hand and then scan or photograph it, or you can prepare it using whatever computer software you have around the house. You are free to, shall we say, borrow and/or alter any imagery you can get your hands in the creation of your entry -- as long as you are of course putting your own personal creative stamp on things. The important thing is, you need to send a .jpg or a .gif file to

The deadline is Noon Pacific Daylight Time, Saturday, May 2.

Entries will be judged by a jury of two, michael5000 and an actual professional artist who has been recruited for the occasion. They will judge entries according to their humorousness and/or originality, as well as their overall awesomeness, in a highly subjective fashion. The top entries will be posted on the blog during the halftime show, of course.

Multiple entries are allowable, if you really have that kind of time on your hands, in which case we'll just score your highest-ranked entry.

The overall winner will be awarded 25 Decathlon points. The second-place winner will receive 23 points, the third-place winner 22 points, the fourth place winner 21 points, and so on. At fifth place and below, entries may be grouped in ties.

Sample Entry
Created by michael5000 using MS Paint (the accessory installed on all PCs) and two discrete uses of Google Images. Elapsed time of creation: 6.5 minutes. Neither especially amusing nor especially original, but just a little something to set the tone.


Elaine said...

This is hilarious. Maybe someday i will do the entire decathlon... but, alas, the sheer amt of time required.....
Meanwhile, after the event closes: Can't you show them ALL?

Rebel said...

Fortunately the two things I actually have here are 1. my computer and 2. a lot of random time off in the middle of the day.

Kritkrat said...

Damnit, i literally started the EXACT SAME VENN DIAGRAM. I know, not very creative... And I am lazy enough that I am going to send it to you anyway and hope that everyone else just gives up...

Michael5000 said...

@Kadonk: That's kind of amazing! Send yours in, we'll call it good.

fingerstothebone said...

Aren't you going to tell us who the Actual Professional Artist is? Shouldn't we know who we're being judged by? Can I end a sentence with the word 'by?' Oops, I just ended another sentence with the word 'by.' Oops, I did it again. Is there a diagram in that question? Is that question shaped by culture, or just the English language? So many questions, I hope you have some answers.

Michael5000 said...

@fingers: Mostly, I just have more questions. But none are as funny as yours.

Rex Parker said...

I think you mean "conundra..."


gl. said...

if only "pirates" was a potential option, i think this would be a winner:

Rebel said...

GL - you kick ass.

gl. said...

alas, it's not mine; i saw it on a blog. :)

Michael5000 said...

@Rex: I only WISH I meant "conundra"