Saturday, April 25, 2009

L&TM5K Decathlon 2009: Opening Ceremonies

WHAN that Aprille with his shoures soote
The droghte of Marche hath perced to the roote,
It’s time for…

The L&TM5K Decathlon 2009!!!

Beginning Monday, it’s The Life and Times of michael5000’s second annual marathon celebration of skills, creativity, knowledge, and stamina, with 10 contests spread over two weeks in a festival atmosphere of feel-good bloggy merriment! And there are relatively sweet prizes!

The Relatively Sweet Prizes!

This year, the prizes include:

1: One of michael5000’s series of “StormQuilts,” a lap-blanket handmade from 100% scrap, salvage, and recycled materials!

2: A $30 Gift Certificate to the City of Roses’ own Powell’s Books, usable either at actual Powell’s locations or online at!

3: A $20 Gift Card to corporate coffee juggernaut Starbucks!

4: A large batch of michael5000’s signature oatmeal-almond-chocolate chip cookies, mailed straight to your home!

The Gold Medal (first prize) Winner will receive first pick of the prizes, plus bragging rights on a humungous scale! Plus, in responding to any comments you leave until July 31, 2009, I will address you "Hail, Victor!"

The Silver Medal (second prize) Winner will receive second choice of the prizes, plus bragging rights on a massive scale!

The Blue Medal (third prize) Winner will receive third choice of the prizes, plus bragging rights on an impressive scale!

The Green Medal (fourth prize) Winner will receive the remaining prize, plus bragging rights on a largish scale!

The Red Medal (fifth prize) Winner might still get one of the prizes, if one of the first four decline to take one! Plus, bragging rights!

Plus, each of the above will receive exclusive rights to display a little graphic of their medal on their own blog, home page, or what have you. [NOTE: tattooing of medals is allowable but is at the winner’s expense.]

The Games!

• Six challenging tests of knowledge on traditional L&TM5K themes like history, geography, literature, and popular culture!
• Three provocative contests of creativity!
• One test of athletic prowess, kind of!
The Messy Details….

A new event will be announced on every weekday, April 27 through May 9. Some events may allow more than one day for completion; a deadline will be given for each event. The Monday Quiz LXXI & LXXII and The Thursday Quiz LXXXI & LXXXII will be incorporated as Decathlon events, with some changes to their usual format.

Creative entries will be judged with obvious and lighthearted subjectivity by michael5000 and/or independent outside observers.

The Scoring system has been totally revamped since last year. In the 2009 Decathlon, each event is worth up to 25 points. Knowledge events will offer a given number of points per question, while in the creative and athletic events points will be on a ranking system. This should make for a more competitive and exciting 10 days – but you’ll still pretty much have to show up every day to stay in the running.

The awards ceremony will be held Saturday, May 9.

Questions can be sent to M5Kdecathlon(at)


d said...

i can't believe that you're giving up one of your quilts, that's a pretty sweet prize indeed.

i'll spend all day tomorrow doing calisthenics. maybe i can make a better showing than i did last year.

Morgan said...

You set up an e-mail for the event? That's dedication.

chuckdaddy said...

Them cookies are mine

gl. said...

but what's a decathalon without an anthem? i hear the olympic theme in my head and that just isn't right.

Michael5000 said...

@d: The important thing is to stretch out before and after each event.

@Morgan: I'm nothing if not dedicated.

@chuckdaddy: Long is the race...

@gl.: The 2009 Decathlon Anthem is Ozzie's "Crazy Train." All aboard!