Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Thursday Quiz at 80

The Eighth Season Champions!

Ever since we've had Season champions on the Thursday Quiz (a concept that exactly no one has ever expressed the slightest interest in, which I suppose speaks well of y'all) I've determined the champion just by counting up the total number of Stars people have won, and breaking ties by looking at which color the Stars are. Which is why Kadonkadonk is about to get totally shafted. On the other hand, she just had an amazing helicopter ride, so hopefully she won't be too bitter about the way things turned out.*

Here Goes

For it has come to pass that the Eighth Season Champion, with six -- count 'em, six!! -- Stars is none other than my very own brilliant, lovely, and erudite Mrs.5000! She takes the Season title with a Blue Star and five Green ones. Yes, she just won the MQ Season, too. She's wicked smart.

In Second Place, with five Stars -- the brilliant, lovely**, and erudite Kadonkadonk! Her one Gold, two Silver, and single Blue and Green Stars put her solidly into the runner-up position!

Right behind her in Third Place, also with five Stars, is the brilliant, lovely***, and erudite d! He got a Silver and four Greens.

Extremely Honorable Mention goes to The Calico Cat, Cartophiliac, and DrSchnell, all who earned four Stars. Calico took three Golds, the only person to take more than one this season.

Also Kicking Major Butt was Critical Bill, who took a Gold and two Greens.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the antepenultimate season of the Thursday Quiz!

* She will presumably continue to be bitter about my insufficient Harry Potter enthusiasm, but that's all part of the fun.

** I've never actually seen Kadonkadonk, but she seems like she must be lovely, doesn't she?

*** Same with d.


Kritkrat said...

It's hard to be bitter when you've been beat by the lady that almost always kicks my a$$ in these quizzes...

mrs.5000 said...

Aw shucks, Kadonkadonk, you with your gold and silver, and so gracious to the dim little stars in my constellation...

Oh, I'm sorry M5K, were you hoping to instigate a more seething rivalry? We're all saving our bloodthirst for the decathlon.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Oops. Missed it. Was there a Pink Floyd category or anything else I'd be good at?

d said...

i'm the exact opposite of lovely, but i appreciate the sentiment.

i swear every time i take one of these quizzes i feel like an idiot. either it's not as bad as i think or almost everyone else is more ignorant than i.