Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Monday Quiz LXX

The Monday Quiz Goes to ___________!

Six to make five, this week....

1. Part of what body of water is shown on the bottom quarter of this aerial image?

2. What is the name of this famous monument?

3. What is this body of water?

4. So, what famous structure must THIS be?

5. What is this place?

6. This building represents an ambitious attempt to restore a legacy. What is it?

Submit your answers, and the Quiz's travel plans, in the comments.


Elaine said...

Holy Cow.
1. The Mediterranean Sea? Gulf of Arabia?
2. The Dome of the Rock?
3. Suez Canal
4. The Aswan Dam?
5. A "city of the dead" (a cemetary)
6. ?A museum of the sculpture from the temple that was destroyed by the Aswan Dam's construction..?
I clearly have no clue whether you are going to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE...or?? The only one I knew was "Suez Canal."

Cartophiliac said...

1. Bottom quarter? In the bottom quarter I see part of the Mediterranean Sea and part of the Nile River Delta...
2. The Sphinx's Butt
3. Suez Canal
4. Aswan Dam
5. City of the Dead
6. The Library at Alexandria

Christine M. said...

1. Nile emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.
2. Da Sphinx
3. Suez Canal
4. Aswan Dam
5. A cemetery somewhere in Egypt
6. the Alexandria Library

d said...

1/ the mediterranean
2/ the back end of the sphinx
3/ the suez, baby
4/ dam! i can't remember the name. it's somewhere in egypt obvs.
5/ a cemetery somewhere in egypt obvs.
6/ the library in alexandria

DrSchnell said...

1. Mediterranean Sea
2. must...
No actual guess, though. Sorry. How about the remains of the library at Alexandria.
3. Suez Canal
4. Aswan High Dam
5. Cleopatra's tomb?
6. A new fancy library of some sort.

DrSchnell said...

And the theme is Egypt

mrs.5000 said...

1 Mediterranean Sea
2 The Sphinx. It's not the only sphinx, of course, but it's the famous one, in Giza. It might be called the Great Sphinx, since that's a popular adjective. I can't remember. Nice butt, Ramses.
3 Suez Canal
4 Must be Aswan Dam. Or Aswan High Dam, as the potheads call it.
5 Well, looks like a cemetery. In a city. With mosques and a minaret in the background. Let's say Cairo. I'm sorry, perhaps there's an answer in there?
6 OK, wild guess, but I'm thinking Library of Alexandria here. That looks like one fireproof cake pan. I hope they remembered to waterproof as well.

Kritkrat said...

1. The green part looks like a sting ray.
2. Looks like a teeny penie.
3. I hate geography.

fingerstothebone said...

1. Mediterranean (sp?)
2. Sphinx!
3. Suez Canal
4. Aswan (sp?) dam
5. Hmmm, a minaret, graves, a dome...I haven't a clue.
6. You got me.

Ben said...

1. Hmmm... The Mediterranean Sea?
2. The Sphynx
3. Suez canal?
4. Aswan Dam
5. Crypt Square
5. Underwater Theater.

MJ said...

1. Mediterranean Sea
2. the Sphinx
3. Suez Canal
4. Assuan dam
5. a cemetery?
6. the new library of Alexandria
So, the quiz is gone to Egypt.

Elizabeth said...

1. That looks like the Nile delta, so it's the Mediterranean, right?
2. "La derriere de la Sphinx!" a dit Napoleon.
3. Well, looks like we're in Egypt, so it's probably the Suez Canal.
4. Damn.
5. Graves. Karnak? Or is that something Klingon?
6. Memorializing the first sewer system, which tragically failed because they couldn't get the manhole covers to fit correctly.

Elaine said...

Elizabeth is cracking me up so badly that I wish her answers were all right. Can't you give credit for creativity???
E-lizabeth, I see we are fellow E-Gemini folk. aha.

I am hoping for more obscure literature tests...things I have half a chance of answering!


boo said...

1. The Sea
2. The Sphinx's booty
3. The Canal, the sandy one? Suez!
4. The Dam, big famous rust colored dam
5. The Cemetary
6. The Sinking White Hockey Puck

I sucked. I am sorry.

Michael5000 said...

And now, without a single "Walk Like an Egyptian" joke, the answers:

1. The Nile Delta drains into the Mediterranian, which I am very likely spelling wrong.

2. That's the back side of the Sphinx. For shame, DrSchnell and Kadonk!

3. That is the Suez Canal, with some UnitedStatsian military might a'passin' through.

4. That would be the Aswan High Dam. Dude.

5. That is Cairo's most notorious slum, the City of the Dead. Think of it as an innovative approach to low-income housing that takes the multigenerational concept one more logical step forward.

6. That is the Great Library of Alexandria 2.0!

Michael5000 said...

MQLXX EPs to Carto, La Gringissima, Mrs.5000, and MJ. MJ, who already has a handful of TQ Stars, becomes the 57th Monday winner!

Michael5000 said...

@Mrs.5000: Stoners are always nattering on about the tradeoffs between electrificiation and destruction of the Nile's natural flood cycles, and about the cynical use of development projects in the neoimperialist gamesmanship of the Cold War great powers. Dude.

@Kadonk: How can you hate geography? With all the brightly colored maps?

@Ben: "Crypt Square" deserves some sort of award for Most Audacious Shot in the Dark.

@Elaine: Oh, I give Elizabeth quite a bit of credit for creativity. Sings good, too.

@boo: There there, boo. You didn't suck.

Elaine said...

Yes, you DID mess up Mediterranean. That spelling lacked "glamer."

I once gave our daughter a tee that read, "Bad Spellers of the World--UNTIE." Sometimes people would miss the joke.....

Elizabeth said...

Do I get a virtual exclamation point, then? Thanks for the support, Elaine!

Michael5000 said...

@Elizabeth: Oh, nonononono. Just credit.

MJ said...

What?? I won on Monday and didn't know until Friday night? And i feeling like a loser all week :D
New year's new resolution: Check my reader every morning.