Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekend Miscellany

Poll Results!

I recently changed the official subtitle of this blog to "A Daily Online Omnibus of Dork Culture." This is the third subtitle we've had. It started out as "My Life. Like You Care." And then, for a year or so, it was... crap, I've already forgotten what it was. Which I suppose shows how critical the subtitle is.

Anyway, I ran it by y'all, and here are the results:

Proper! 1 (3%)
It will do for now. 5 (18%)
Blows. 6 (22%)
How come we didn't get to vote?!? 3 (11%)
How do you say that in Estonian?!? 12 (44%)
The implications are clear. First, my underlying assumptions about my readership are confirmed. But secondly, and more troubling, only one person thought my subtitle was "Proper!" Sometimes I feel like I will wander the Earth forever, always unsatisfied, always searching for that subtitle that will explain to the world and to me just what it is that I am blogging about here.

The M5K Decathlon 2009!

Spring is in the air... which means it's almost time for the M5K Decathlon 2009! From April 30 to May 11, the L&TM5K will serve up ten straight days of rigorous tests of your intellect, knowledge, creativity, and physical prowess, not to mention your moxie, mojo, poise, and je ne sais quoi. We are totally revamping the scoring system this year, to make the whole thing more evenhanded and decathlon-like. And, there will almost certainly be fabulous prizes of some sort. The details haven't all been hashed out. But you should definitely be getting all worked up!

Great News for Great Movies Haterz!

My M.O. on the Great Movies has been to go through the list in alphabetical order, skipping over the ones I've already seen. Well, this week I put library holds on the last movies on the list.

Those of you who don't like my movie review in general can celebrate this landmark on the way to the end of the project. Those of you who don't like my movie reviews because so many of them are of ancient films of interest only to film historians can look forward to coverage of movies I've already seen in the course of my semi-normal existence -- ie., movies you yourself may have seen as well!

Mind you, it will be a few months before this all kicks in. I'm just saying.


To spiritual blogmother MyDogIsChelsea, who has achieved what so many bloggers yearn for and so few achieve -- a modicum of recognition! MyDog, who is a bit of a foodie, has been blogging at a site called "Culinate," and through a combination of good writing and Obamaesque mobilization of her grassroots support won their award for Best Foodie Blogger. Or something like that. Genuinely fabulous prizes were involved. She's totally famous!

If You Live in the City of Roses...

The Central Library has a bookarts show on the third floor lobby that features work by some people who have been mentioned on the L&T before, such as Tim Ely, and even by our emeritus Blog Vice Dork, fingerstothebone. Here's some details.

The Weekend WTF!

Just in time for Holy Week!

The more you think about it, the weirder it gets.


Yankee in England said...

I like the fact that they point out that the crosser are hollow. Kind of like organized religion.

Yankee in England said...

I also like the fact they are shelved next to something for NASCAR racing I am assuming this product has something to do with chocolate and Easter as well.

Rex Parker said...

I like my crosses dark.

I also like Reester Bunnies (Chocolate bunnies filled with Reese's peanut butter)

DrSchnell said...

What if the big J-man had been alive at a different time in a different place? Would we then have hollow milk chocolate electric chairs, or syringes?

Niece #1 said...

I was at the Dollar Store the other day, and I saw an entire shelf full of chocolate "praying hands." I'm not sure if that's quite as weird as a standing hollow chocolate cross, but I definitely had to buy one.

boo said...

I look forward to the new reviews. And I would have voted for anything with Omnibus in the subtitle, but I have not been a good online reader of late.

I have problems eating anything religious. (Which explains the stains from spaghetti.) This one is hard to fathom too:

Jenners said...

I saw those chocolate crosses and wondered if the Easter Bunny brings them or Jesus himself.

gl. said...

i think the obvious answer to the subtitle is to write it in estonian. the people have spoken!

Elaine said...

Now I'm excited! Is there really, truly such a thing as a Reester Bunny, or is it a cruel hoax by Rex Parker???