Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recently Acquired in the Michael5000 Bookarts Collection

As has been occasionally noted in this here forum, one of the (many) benefits of being married to Mrs.5000 is the occasional groovy art gifts. For my birthday earlier this month, for instance, she gave me an original art box -- Mrs.5000, I have often remarked, is influenced by, albeit better than, art box pioneer Joseph Cornell.

Here is my birthday gift hanging, for perfectly sensible reasons, off of a tree at 42° 34' 34.7 N, 121° 50' 2.4" W:

And here it is, rather bleached out from the flashbulb, in a more permanent location on the wall of my Castle5000 lair.

Mrs.5000 is fab.


Occasional L&TM5K commenter Bridget B. ain't too shabby herself. Mrs.5K and I rode up recently to a show she had going on oh-so-groovy Alberta Street, some few miles north of here. Now if you are like me, when you think Bridget B. you think encaustic, but this time around she had some collage pieces mixed in that were not only pretty evocative, but also capable of being photographed by my ancient and crappy little digital camera.

Bridget B., I might mention, signed off on my posting these images after seeing them on her phone. She may be sorry when she sees them at larger-than-thumbnail size.

Spare but rather poignant, I thought. Any of these would be fine choices for anyone wracked with guilt for having missed my birthday.

For more of Mrs.5000: www.susancollard.com

For more of Bridget B.: www.eyesaflame.com

For more of Michael5000, set this blog as your home page.


Jenners said...

Mrs5000 is indeed fab. That is most unusual and intersting. I think I shall take a visit to her web site.

And Bridget's stuff ain't too shabby either.

fingerstothebone said...

Fab all around! But, tell me, did you just come across the box in the woods and decide to pry it off the tree and bring it home for your birthday?

Beth Handley said...

oh fabulosity!

UnwiseOwl said...

Arty people amaze me.
I am amazed.
It looks perfect on that tree, too. That's a piece made to be hung outside.

Michael5000 said...

Art doesn't grow on trees, fingers. I'd think you of all people would know that.

Bridget said...

Once again, I am delighted and impressed by the breadth and depth of the arts coverage here at L&TM5K! And damn, let us know if Mrs. 5000 has a show coming up anytime soon - 'cause I am so gonna be there!