Friday, August 13, 2010

Song of the American Road -- See the American West!

The County Hospital, costing 13 million dollars, is one of the largest and best equipped in the world. There are 123 buildings on 56 acres of ground. An average of 4 thousand patients are treated daily.

Dear Anna & Nick. Jean and I are very happy and are sure enjoying ourselves. The game was wonderful. Of course, we were sure N.D. would win. Hope all are well. Leaving here to-nite for Oakland. Love, LaViva.

EXCEPTIONAL OVERALL LOOK shows the expanse of Expo '74 Fairgrounds and exhibits. "Celebrating tomorrow's fresh new environment." Glistening islands and riverbanks of the Spokane River, open spaces with colorful plazas, dancing fountains, gardens and greenery, and many world-wide pavilions and exhibits. All created to illustrate that Man can live, work and play in harmony with his environment.

Hi -- It is prettey hot the day we got here 100 degrees. Arrived at 1:30 P.M. - Driving time 7 HRS @ 393 miles. Seems cooler today. Spent 4 HRS at fair yesterday - & maybe 10-12 HRS today. - Ray, Irene, & Marlene.

You will enjoy your stay with us. Our up-to-date rooms are equipped with Simmons Beds and springs. Hot and cold private showers in each room. Electric light, natural gas for heating and cooking, sanitary toilets and free garage. Gas and hot running water in all rooms. Lunch stand on ground. Approved by the Board of Health of La. Have your mail addressed to us, P.O. Box 253, FRANKLIN, LA. Tel. 157.

Stayed here last Tues night, really did sleep and up at 6:30 to get started. - Miznon (?)


Monday Morning - June 30, 1969.
Dear Mom: We were at the Mormon Tabernacle yesterday -- weather is very fine. Not hot like at home. Leaving for Teton National Park. Love, Evelyn & Wayne.

Provenance: Estate Sale Purchase, July 2010; #3 Gift of Bridget B, 2010; #4 Gift of Heatherbee, 2009.


Elaine said...

Wow--those Franklin Cottages! Hot AND COLD running water--and I see they really brag about the hot water there...

I think the name is 'Mignon,' from the French.

Cartophiliac said...

I can, however, wish you a happy birthday here.

Eavan said...

Happy birthday from me as well.

Elaine said...

Birthday? How did they find out? Well, a great big Happy Birthday to you! and many happy returns of the day.
Will rush a boring postcard out to you asap.

Jennifer said...


You know what I remember about it? Getting sick from the heat (the first time I'm aware of, though probably not the first time). Apparently, I don't play nicely in harmony with my environment.

margaret said...

I was at Expo '74, too!

I remember everybody giving me free stuff because I was wearing a plaster helmet on my head after my ears were pinned back and the vendors thought I was retarded.

Michael5000 said...

Man, how come I didn't get to go to Expo '74?