Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Wednesday Quiz III:10 -- O Canada!

The Wednesday Quiz -- Season III -- Quiz 10

O Canada!

The Wednesday Quiz is a "closed-book" test of knowledge and intuition; please do not look up answers, ask others for help, or answer as a team.

Questions about the rules and the ~Fabulous Prizes~ are answered here.


Ten questions about the North American nation that is home to the world's largest Indium mine!
1. ____________________ , in addition to having by far the smallest population among the Canadian provinces, has only about a tenth of the land area of the second-smallest province.

2. ____________, _____________, ____________ are the three largest cities in Canada.

3. The October Crisis of 1970 was, broadly speaking, about __________________.

4. Winnepeg is the capital and largest city of ___________________.

5. Canada's population is roughly the same size as those of
a) Thailand, the United Kingdom, or Italy
b) Algeria, Uganda, or Morocco
c) Portugal, the Czech Republic, or Tunisia
d) Belize, Iceland, or the Maldives

6. Sir John Alexander Macdonald was ____________________.

7. ____________________ became a part of Canada only in 1949.

8. ____________________ separated from the Northwest Territory to become Canada's third territory in 1999.

9. ____________________ is easily Canada's most populous province.

10. The 1931 Statute of Westminster confirmed something that had been in the works for a while, the ____________________________.

Submit your answers, and -- why not -- another blistering guitar solo, in the comments.


Elaine said...

1. Prince Edward Island
2. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa
3. postal workers' hours and pay
4. Manitoba
5. (a)
6. First Prime Minister
7. Newfoundland
8. Nunavit (sp?)
9. Ontario
10. formation of the independent commonwealth vs being part of the British Empire

Most of these--bald guesses, though a few were *informed* bald guesses. Alas, I don't play guitar.

Aviatrix said...

1. Prince Edward Island: they're a small province but they have a really big bridge.
2. Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver
3. October Crisis? That must be what I know as the FLQ Crisis, where Trudeau declared martial law after a cabinet minister was killed by separatist kidnappers. So how to put that broadly ... minority rights?
4. Trick question: Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba. I don't think there is a Winnepeg.
5. Canada's population is around 30 million. UK is much bigger, Iceland has to be much smaller. I'm surprised that either b) or c) is a contender. How can the population density of Morocco or Tunisia be that high? Algeria is a desert and I'm not sure I can name one city there, so I'm going with c). That's a lot of Tunisians.
6. the first Prime Minister of Canada
7. Newfoundland & Labrador, then known as Newfoundland
8. Nunavut, hmm, wait, no Nunavut didn't separate, because it wasn't called that at the time of separation. That portion of the Northwest Territories east of the extended Saskatoon-Manitoba border separated and then they had a naming contest and almost went with Bob, but settled on Nunavut.
9. Ontario
10. I don't know this one. The national anthem, flag and constitution came much later. The BNA act was earlier. Women's suffrage came right after the war. It must be something somewhat important to be on the quiz. Canada's Coat of Arms must be older than that. I'm going to say that it confirmed some incremental measure of Canadian sovereignty, but I can't guess which one.

Christine M. said...

Uh oh.

1. PEI
2. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
3. Quebec
4. Manitoba
5. b.
6. a very nice man
7. Yukon
8. Nunavik (spelling?)
9. Ontario
10. eventual independence of Canada?

Cartophiliac said...

1. Prince Edward Island
2. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver
3. Quebec separatism
4. Manitoba
5. a
6. First Prime Minister
7. Nova Scotia
8. Nunavut
9. Ontario
10. Commonwealth Status

KarmaSartre said...

1 / Prince Edward Island
2 / Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
3 / Quebec splitting off
4 / Manitoba
5 / b
6 / Ray Kroc's maiden name
7 / Bob and Doug MacKenzie
8 / Nunavit (though most Canadians have never heard of it)
9 / Ontario, but what makes you think it was easy?
10 / adaptation of "Blame Canada" as the official national motto.

BGS --

Morgan said...

1. Prince Edward's Island
2. Vancouver, Quebec, Ontario
3. Canadians
4. Manitoba
5. c
6. A Canadian PM
7. Minnesota
8. Yukon
9. British Colombia
10. Independence of Canada

Aviatrix said...

I got called to duty before I could finish my answer last night. Let me add: bwanananana TWING neeereeeneeen whehehe beyowwww whanga whanga whanga kereeeerow! My guitar solos consist principally of feedback.

Aviatrix said...

And KarmaSatre, I take issue with the idea that most Canadians have never heard of Nunavut. I'm going to do a survey today and see if I can find any Canadians who haven't heard of it. And I'm not IN Nunavut right now, either.

DrSchnell said...

1. Prince Edward Island
2. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver
3. Probably something about Quebec seceding
4. Manitoba
5. C (Portugal/Czechland/Tunisialand)
6. an explorer of the Canadian North?
7. Newfoundland
8. Nunavut
9. Ontario
10. Independence of Canada from British rule?


Ben said...

My apologies to our neighbors to the north...

1. Nova Scotia
2. Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal
3. The Vietnam War
4. Alberta
5. c
6. Canada's first Prime Minister
7. Yukon territory
8. I don't even have a wild guess
9. Ontario
10. Independence from the UK

Dug said...

1. PEI
2. Tronna, Montreal and Vancouver
3. The donut shop ran out of sprinkles
4. Manitoba
5. a
6. a famous Canadian
7. Newfoundland
8. Nunavut
9. Ontario
10. requirement that every sentence be followed with an "eh?"

Da da da da
Da da da'a'a'
Da da da'a'a'a'@&*&%!(&%#!&#%(!*#)(!#&)(#&!)(*#^!)*(^)*#^)*^) #!^#)!*^#*!#^)@$%!*^#)*!^#)*^

Da-na? Da-na? Da-na? Da-na...

You guessed it, Led Zeppelin!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Wow. I'm out on this one. Maybe if it were actors from Canada I'd have a chance.

Why did Martin Short have a largely shitty career? He was so funny and picked such bad movies. "Three Amigos" is the only really funny one I can think of.

UnwiseOwl said...

Oh dear...let's see how we go recalling information about a country that doesn't pervade our modern culture...
1. Prince Edward Island?
2. Toronto, Vancouver...Montreal?
3. Record breaking heatwaves, combined with a number of large bushfires and other natural disasters. Also sharks.
4. Prince Edward Island? I dunno, man. Pretty sure you don't spell it like that, though.
5. Canada is bigger than us at 20 maybe around 25/30... That's too small for a and too big for d...I dunno how big the c's are...but Uganda is about 30 million, if I remember, so b.
6. Canadian...Did you want more than that? He was the first PM, I think, certainly one of the early ones. Thanks, Kate Beaton.
7. Newfoundland, turns out the UK didn't want it after all.
8. Canadian geography isn't great..bleh, the eskimo one, Nunavut? Seems like a very 90's things to do. (apologies if it's un-PC to say 'the eskimo one', it would be inappropriate here, but I dunno what the Canadian rules are).
9. The big one that I almost put down as a city before. Ontario.
10. Whoo, I know this one! Get the hell out of our politics, you poncy British fops! We've been independent for yonks, how about you start acting like it?

UnwiseOwl said...

Dammit, missed my solo, and I've got to make up for last week, too.
Unfortunately I'm not much of a guitarist, so I'll go with the standard blues riff DAH DOOH DA DE DOOOP and the occasional little twang in between, BB King style.

Aviatrix said...

I realized while I was flying today the perfect answer to number four:

"Winnepeg" is the capital of "Manetoba."

UnwiseOwl said...

Damn you, coffee on my keyboard.

Michael5000 said...


1: Prince Edward Island
2: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver
3: Quebecois Seperatism
4: Manitoba
5: Canada's population peers: b) Algeria, Uganda, Morocco
6: The first Prime Minister of Canada
7: Newfoundland, or "Newfoundland and Labrador" if you want to be all shirty about it.
8: Nunavut
9: Ontario
10: The 1931 Statute of Westminster kind of confirmed the gradual, easy-does-it, incremental, accretive process of Canadian independence, at least from the British point of view.

Michael5000 said...

OK, yes yes, "Winnepeg" is the capital of "Manetoba," very good, touche.

But the point I laughed with unseemly glee was at "The donut shop ran out of sprinkles."

Michael5000 said...

Anyway, Aviatrix leads the field in the antepenutimate running of the Wednesday Quiz, with very strong showings as well from Cartophiliac, DrSchnell, and the Unwise Owl, the latter of whom may have submitted the most cogent analysis of the 1931 Statute of Westminister.

Aviatrix said...

Dug had the best guitar solo, I think.