Monday, January 12, 2015

The New Monday Quiz IV

Back to work, you!  It's Monday!

1. One of the most famous events of 1066 is shown here on one of the world's most famous tapestries.  What important event are these fellows participating in?

2. What Dickens title character takes a job working for Wackford Squeers at the appalling boarding school called "Dotheboys Hall"?

3. The hotel building dominating its capital city's skyline was supposed to be ready for the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students in June 1989, but the opening keeps being pushed back.  Currently the 49th tallest building in the world, it's easily the tallest building in what country?

4. OK, the word "symphony" is loosely defined, but among things called symphonies and generally recognized as symphonies, the first one ever to use a choir is among the most famous.  What is this famous piece of classical music?

5. As an avid fan of art history, you would describe these works by van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, Hugo van der Goes, and Pieter Brueghel as great examples of _____________ painting.

6. His other books include Look at the Harlequins!, The Luzhin Defence, Pale Fire, and Bend Sinister, and he also wrote quite a few technical papers in lepidoptery. You know, lepidoptery. Butterflies.

7. This man in imdb's 62nd best film of all time -- right between Wall-E and Aliens -- will eventually end up in South Dakota.  But first, he's going to have to overcome some challenges here in Indiana.  What is the name of the 1959 film?

8. Theologians defend his drunkenness, saying that since he was the first person to drink wine, he could not have known of its effects.  So it's understandable that he was lying around naked when his son Ham walked in on him.  Why he put a curse the boy for seeing him in the buff is unclear; some Biblical scholars conclude that part of the story must simply be missing.  Who is this Biblical patriarch?

9. It's a map showing the average annual temperature of... where?

10. Element #10 is one of the best-known inert gasses.  It's heavier than Element #2, Helium, but lighter than Element #18, Argon.  What's its name?


gS49 said...

1. Norman Conquest
2. Nicholas Nickleby
3. North Korea
4. Ninth Symphony, Beethoven's
5. Northern European
6. Nabokov
7. North by Northwest
8. Noah
9. Norway
10. Neon

mrs.5000 said...

1. Norman Conquest (or the Battle of Hastings, if you want to work harder for answers 2-10.)
2. presumably Nicholas Nickleby. My, that is appalling.
3. Must be North Korea. Because they're all about the hospitality industry.
4. Beethoven's Ninth
5. Well, I'd say Flemish, but you are surely after Netherlandic. Netherlandische? Burgundian. Low Country. Neowonderful.
6. Nabokov
7. North by Northwest
8. Noah
9. Norway
10. Nitrogen

Morgan said...

1. Norman invasion of Britain
2. Mr. Nthechristmascarol
3. New Zealand? (that picture is photoshopped and you will never convince me otherwise)
4. Ninth, Beethoven's (okay, I actually have no idea, but it starts with an N and has a choir in it, I think.)
5. Nice (I mean, in my opinion)
6. Nietzsche
7. North by Northwest
8. Nebuchadnezzar
9. Norway
10. Neon

DrSchnell said...

1. Norman Conquest/Battle of Hastings
2. Nicholas Nickleby
3. North Korea
4. Ninth, Beethoven's
5. neo-nederlandisch?
6. Nabokov
7. North by Northwest
8. Noah
9. Norway
10. Neon

Ben said...

1. Norman Conquest, The
2. Nickleby, Nicholas
3. Nicaragua
4. Ninth Symphony, The, by Beethoven, Ludwig von
5. Netherlandish
6. No idea
7. North by Northwest
8. Nebacudnezzar
9. Norway
10. Neon

Ezra said...

Norman invasion
Nicholas Nickelby
North Korea
Beethoven's Ninth
North by Northwest

Eavan Moore said...

1. Norman Conquest
2. No idea!
3. No idea!
4. Geez, I really don't know.
5. ...Renaissance?
6. Nabokov
7. North by Northwest
8. Noah
9. Norway
10. I don't... wait a minute. Wait a minute. There is a theme to this quiz. OK. NEON

And 2 is Nicholas Nickleby, 3 is... Nepal? 4 is I still don't know, 5 might be a term I never learned.

Anonymous said...

1. Norman invasion.
2. Nicholas Nickleby.
3. Nigeria?
4. Ninth, Beethoven's?
5. Netherlandish.
6. No idea.
7. North by Northwest?
8. Noah, the bastard.
9. Norway! I'm going there next week! Most of it will be blue to turquoise at that point.
10. Neon, probably.

This is Elizabeth, currently in Buckie, Scotland.

Anonymous said...

1 - Norman Conquest
2 - Nicholas Nickleby
3 - Nigeria
4 - Beethoven's Ninth
5 - Netherlandish
6 - Vladimir Nabokov
7 - North by Northwest
8 - Noah
9 - Norway
10 - Nitrogen