Monday, January 26, 2015

The New Monday Quiz V

Wasn't that a great weekend?  Don't you wish it had lasted just one more day?  Well, at least you have the New Monday Quiz...

1. This painting is by an artist who broke with the abstractions of Byzantine style in favor of an expressive realism, helping to kick off the Italian Renaissance and the subsequent development of Western art.  Do you know his name, punk?  Well?  Do you?

2. The third of its four parts is "A Voyage to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib, and Japan." What's the title of this 1726 novel?

3. The movie ranked second on the imdb best films list, trailing only The Shawshank Redemption, begins with a wedding.  The marriage will not go well.  What's the name of the movie?

4. John Calvin, who might not have been completely unbiased, thought he was the "last good pope." In office from 590 to 604, he strengthened the power of the Papacy, dispatched Augustine of Canterbury to envangelize the English ("Non Angli, sed angeli"), and substantially revised the practice of Christian worship. His efforts at improving and standardizing sacred music was an influential step in the development of Western music.  Name that Saint!

5. Here's a map showing the provinces of what country?

6. Element #79 is soft and easy to shape, and is very nearly heavy as Element #82, Lead! In fact, it's actually denser than lead, which makes it heavier for practical purposes. It's one of the least reactive metals on the whole periodic table. A terrific conductor of electricity, it is for some reason never used in wiring. What's its name?

7. One of your least important internal organs -- you could probably live without it with no ill effects -- it collects the bile from your liver and then squirts it into your small intestine on demand. What is it?

8. His 29 lines include
Heavens make our presence and our practices
Pleasant and helpful to him!

The Queen, your mother, in most great affliction of spirit
hath sent me to you.

My lord, we were sent for.

What, my lord?

My lord, I cannot.
He's arguably one of the most famous unimportant characters in all of theater. Who is he?

9. Oops, I accidentally blurred a spot on this postage stamp!  For many years, this was a postage stamp from a country that no longer existed, but that's not true any more.  What country might you have used it to send a letter from?

10. "His use and development of Norwegian folk music in his own compositions put the music of Norway in the international spectrum, as well as helping to develop a national identity, much as Jean Sibelius and Antonín Dvořák did in Finland and Bohemia, respectively." You are most familiar with some incidental music he wrote for an Ibsen play. Name that composer!


Elizabeth said...

1. Giacometti?
2. Gulliver's Travels
3. The Godfather
4. Gentilus, if there was a name like that
5. Gabon as a guess
6. Gallium, if that's an element
7. Gall bladder
8. Guildenstern! He's dead.
9. Georgia, I think
10. Grieg

gS49 said...

1. Giordano
2. Gulliver's Travels
3. Godfather
4. Gregory somenumber? I? "the Great"?
5., I don't know.
6. Germanium
7. Gall Bladder
8. Guildenstern
9. Georgia
10. Grieg

Morgan said...

1. Some Italian-sounding name. Giamotto.
2. Gulliver's Travels. Is that the part where the academics wack each other with balloons?
3. Godfather, The
4. George. George sounds like a nice, pope-y name.
5. Gabon
6. Gold makes the most sense given the clues, but I was pretty sure it had a lower atomic number than 79. I'll go with that anyway.
7. Gallbladder
8. Guildenstern
9. Ghana? I think they speak French there, and it certainly exists at the moment.
10. I probably know this one, but I can't think of it right now.

DrSchnell said...

1. Gio...sumthinorother
2. Gulliver's Travels
3. The Godfather
4. Gregory
5. Gabon
6. Gumbyuminium
7. Gallbladder
8. Guildenstern
9. Georgia
10. Grieg

mrs.5000 said...

1 Giotto!
2 Gulliver's Travels!
3 The Godfather. Or possibly The Godfather II?
4 Gregory.
5 Guinea-Bissau?
6 Gallium?
7 gall bladder!
8 Guildenstern!
9 Georgia.
10 Grieg!

Ben said...

2. Gulliver's Travels
3. The Godfather
4. St. Gregory (Gregorian chant, right?)
5. Gambia?
6. Gold
7. Gall bladder
8. Guildenstern
9. Georgia

Anonymous said...

1 - Giotto
2 - Gulliver's Travels
3 - The Godfather
4 - Gregory the Great
5 - Guinea-Bissau
6 - I'm not in my element here
7 - Nor here
8 - Guildenstern
9 - Ouch
10 - Grieg