Monday, January 12, 2015

Quiz Answers

There has been some concern about "answers."  I suppose that's reasonable.

The Very First New Monday Quiz of 2015!

A (the Tokugawa Shogunate, Don Quixote, the New Netherlands Company) - 1615
B (Agincourt, Jan Hus, Cueta) - 1415
C (Revolt of Vitalian, Theodoric the Great's daught, Buddhism in China) - 515
D (Britain Bans Death Penalty, Gateway Arch, Vatican II) - 1965
E (Magna Carta, the Dominican Order, Sack of Beijing) - 1215
F (Gallipoli, the Lusitania, Relativity) - 1915
G (The Persian Empire, Herotidus, Rome v. the Volsci) - 485BCE
H (Cnut the Great, Vlad the Great, Berserkers) - 1015
I (Waterloo, Brits in New Zealand, Elizabeth Cady Stanton) - 1815
J (Alice in Wonderland, Lincoln, Mendel) - 1865

Elizabeth, Mrs.5000, JudyR, mhwitt, and Eavan all aced it!  Honorable Mention: chuckdaddy "kept going back and forth on C and H," a tough pair, and landed with the wrong combo.  Susan reversed them, too.

The New Monday Quiz III

1. Archimboldo
2. Mark Anthony, not to be confused with salsa singer Marc Anthony
3. Apocalypse Now
4. St. Augustine
5. Albania
6. Antimony
7. The Armistice
8. Anna Karenina
9. Armenian
10. Also Sprache Zarathustra, or "Thus Spoke/Spake Zarathustra" auf Englisch.

Top honors to gs49, Mrs.5000, and via email, Susan.

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