Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Infinite Art Tournament, First Elimination Round #34/64

Faceoff #1: Constable v. Lipchitz

John Constable
1776 - 1837

Tied with Thomas Cole in his initial Round 1 outing, in September 2012.
Lost to Ansel Adams in his second try at Round 1.


Jacques Lipchitz
1891 - 1973
Lithuanian; worked in the U.S.A.

Lost to Jean-√Čtienne Liotard in Round 1.

Faceoff #2: Lippi v. Lochner

Filippino Lippi
1457 - 1504

Lost to his father in Round 1.


Stefan Lochner
1442 - 1451

Pounded by Lissitzky in Round 1.

Vote for the two artists of your choice! Votes generally go in the comments, but have been known to arrive by email, by postcard, or in a sealed envelope.

Please note that you may vote only once in each face-off.  Opining that both of the artists in one of the two face-offs is superior to the other is fine, but casting your votes for two artists in the same face-off is not permissible.


Christine M. said...

Constable and Lippi

DrSchnell said...

Constable/ Lippi

Chuckdaddy said...

Jacques "The Shit" Lipchitz

Ben said...

Constable and Lochner

Elizabeth said...

Constable and Lippi

Morgan said...

Constable and Lippi, strongly in both cases.

mrs.5000 said...

Constable and Filippino Lippi!

lamanyana said...

Lipchitz & Lippi

Michael5000 said...

An emailed vote: Constable -- "so no contest" -- and Lippi.

Nichim said...

No comment in the first pair, and Lippi in the second

Michael5000 said...

Constable and Lippi, strongly in both cases, just like Morgan.

Candida said...

Constable and Lippi

Michael5000 said...

OK, time to close this one down. Constable ripped on Lipchitz 9-2. Technically, I could leave it open for a few weeks for the second match, but why bother? Lippi's 11-1 lead over Lochner isn't going away, so we'll just call it a "final tally" and be done with.