Monday, April 13, 2015

New Monday Quiz Answers, Huzzah!

The Questions are, I find, much more interesting than the answers!

The New Monday Quiz XII

1. Vladimir the Great
2. Vanity Fair
3. Vancouver, British ColumbiaB
4. St. Vincent de Paul
5. It's the skyline of Port Vila, capital of Vanuatu
6. Element #23 is Vanadium
7. Vertigo
8. Vichy France
9. The artist, and the beard, and the painting, are all Van Dykes.
10. The forgotten Red Priest was Vivaldi; we remember him these days.

Mrs. 5000 aced it, and we will also give full marks to Elizabeth.

The New Monday Quiz XI

1. Braque
2. Roland Barthes
3. Buenos Aires
4. The Boxers, of Boxer Rebellion fame
5. Bladerunner
6. Not Boron, which is Element #5, but Beryllium.
7. Brazil
8. Bathsheba
9. The Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin
10. Bitch's Brew

DrSchnell takes top honors, with nine out of ten right.

The New Monday Quiz X

1. Great Imperial mediaeval Lithuania
2. The Lord of the Rings movies
3. the Liberian flag, the star and stripes
4. Laertes has the tough lines in Hamlet
5. Lovecraft came up with Cthulu
6. Lithium is Element #3
7. Fra Fillipo Lippio
8. Lao-Tsu
9. a cuddly lamprey
10. The Book of Lamentations

This was a nifty five-way tie: Elizabeth, DrSchnell, Mrs 5000, Susan, and gS49 all scored 9/10.

The New Monday Quiz Succumbs to Nostalgia for the Good Old Days

1. The Meditative Emperor = Marcus Aurelius
2. The Ottoman Empire makes a grab for the Suez Canal.  Half marks for Turkey.
3. Hit Movie about the Klan? Birth of a Nation
4. The Willard/Johnson fight was in America's playground, Havana
5. Green poison gas: Chlorine
6. The Great American Idealist: William Jennings Bryan.
7. The Eastland capsized in Chicago.
8. Haiti was occupied by the U.S. 1915-1934.
9. Bulgaria entered The Great War.
10. Wegener figured out Continental Drift.  I'm proud to say that I did too.  I had better sea-floor maps, and instead of being made fun of like Wegener, I got kudos from my fifth grade teacher.

This one was all DrSchnell's. 

The New Monday Quiz IX

Ooh, it's been a while.  Let me think here...
1. Cezanne.
2. Cymbeline.
3. Cadmium.
4. Crime and Punishment.
5. Croatia.
6. St. Augustine's Confessions and/or the City of God
7. The Complex numbers.
8. The Cranium.
9. Cameroon.
10. Concerti!  But I'm no stickler, and will gladly accept "concertos."

Pow!  Another one knocked out of the park by DrSchnell!

The New Monday Quiz VIII

1. Wild dogs in Western Australia
2. Odobenus rosmarus is the Walrus, goo goo ga joob.
3. Wall-E
4. The War of 1812
5. William Tell.  Isn't that picture priceless?
6. Wagner
7. Winnipeg!
8. Purposeless giantism and technological exhibitionism was the World Trade Center, or so some thought.
9. Welsh.
10. The Whore of Babylon!

This one was co-dominated by Eavan and gS49.

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