Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Infinite Art Tournament Left Bracket Third-Round Elimination: El Greco v. van der Goes!

This was not the match scheduled for today, but when Ghiberti v. Hunt ended in a 6-6 tie, it opened up the opportunity for a detour into Third Round Elmination.

El Greco and Hugo van der Goes have been rubbing elbows with household names all through this tournament. It was losing to the two of them, for instance, that shot Paul Gauguin to his surprisingly speedy exit. On the other hand, both of them have lost badly to Mr. Vincent Van Gogh. Now they face each other for a shot at the big time. Will van der Goes pull off another hairsbreadth win against a major opponent? Or will El Greco prevail? Let's find out!

Leaving us after very strong performances are Giulio Romano (3-2; 26 vf, 27 va) and Alberto Giacometti (2-2; 27 vf, 19 va). The latter's "batting average" of .587 ranks him 5th among the 153 artists whom have now been voted out of the Tournament.

El Greco
1541 - 1614
Greek; worked in Italy and Spain
  • Defeated Florentine master Benozzo Gozzoli in Round 1 in a contest that went down to the last vote. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!
  • Tied with Francisco Goya in Round 2. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!
  • Stunned Paul Gauguin in a lopsided Round 2 tiebreaker.
  • Lost to somebody called Vincent van Gogh in Round 3.
  • Easily beat Giulio Romano in the Left Bracket Third Round.

Hugo van der Goes
1440 - 1482


Vote for the artist of your choice in the comments, or any other way that works for you. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. Polls open for at least one month past posting.


Elizabeth said...

I just can't get my eyes to appreciate the weirdness of El Greco so I will vote for the weirdness of Hugo van der Goes.

Morgan said...

I like the second El Greco a lot, but can't get into any of the other ones. I like all of the van der Goes, though, so I'll vote for him this time around.

Ben said...

El Greco

Christine M. said...

Van der Goes. I just don't like El Greco. Don't know why. Just don't.

Michael5000 said...

Here are two votes for The Greco coming in from the Facebook feed.

mrs.5000 said...

I, too, have a long history of failing to feel any love for El Greco, but he's starting to win me over. I got to stare at his painting of the Holy Family + Mary Magdalene recently, thanks to the Portland Art Museum. I've decided that, though his people generally look like they are on heroin, and have claws for hands, there is also something very electric and unfathomable going on his paintings that cannot be dismissed. He was an original! Whereas Hugo van der Goes--I really like his work, but have trouble seeing what sets it apart from other first-rates in his place and time. Plus, I confess it, I have trouble with the little angels, and how they throw off the perspective in the Portinari altarpiece, and how Baby Jesus looks like he's been abandoned on the pavement in the middle of the adoration. Not that I wouldn't end up voting for Hugo if I saw his work in person! But, yes, as it is, El Greco, and now I'm forced back to work.

boonec1974 said...

I like van der Goes, but he is no match for the Impressionist Renaissance of the Greek!

pfly said...

El Greco

Michael5000 said...

I will van der Go for van der Goes, because I find his paintings very beautiful.

Michael5000 said...

Susan casts her vote for van der Goes.

Candida said...

El Greco, whom I always think of as the weird kid nobody wanted to sit by in the cafeteria.

Michael5000 said...

This match goes to the Impressionist Renaissance of the Greek! Which is to say El Greco. He takes seven votes to van der Goes's five, and will move on to try his luck against another Dutchman, Franz Hals.