Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Infinite Art Tournament, First Elimination Round #52/64

Due to a dearth of well-timed pairings, we will eschew the Third Thursday foray into the Semi-Finals this week. Possibly for the last time!

Meanwhile, there is a quorum call out on the following matches:
Please check that you have registered your aesthetic preferences, or at least made a formal statement of your indifference!

Faceoff #1: van Ruisdael v. Ryman

Jacob van Ruisdael
1628 - 1682

Thumped by Rachel Ruysch in Round 1.


Robert Ryman
Born 1930

Lost badly to Francesco Salviati in Round 1.

Faceoff #2: Sánchez Cotán v. Savery

Juan Sánchez Cotán
1561 - 1637

Pounded by John Singer Sargent in Round 1.


1392ish - 1450

Lost to Roelandt Savery in Round 1.

Vote for the two artists of your choice! Votes generally go in the comments, but have been known to arrive by email, by postcard, or in a sealed envelope.

Please note that you may vote only once in each face-off.  Opining that both of the artists in one of the two face-offs is superior to the other is fine, but casting your votes for two artists in the same face-off is not permissible.


Nichim said...

Van Ruisdael and Sanchez Cotan.

Morgan said...

van Ruisdael and Sánchez Cotán, both by a pretty large margin.

Michael5000 said...

Whoopsie, I had Savery in the bottom match instead of Sassetta. I'll go square things with Nichim and Morgan.

Morgan said...

Same votes.

mrs.5000 said...

Van Ruisdael, easily. And really, Cotán is a pretty easy call, too. Even for me, the diehard Sienaphile.

boonec1974 said...

Van Ruisdael and Cotán

Michael5000 said...

Susan votes for "#1 Van Ruisdael #2 Sanchez-Cotan."

DrSchnell said...

Van Ruisdael, Sassetta

pfly said...

Ruisdael and Cotán

Michael5000 said...

Well, van Ruisdael on top obviously. Stronger match on the bottom. I'll go with Sassetta.

Candida said...

van Ruisdael and Sanchez Cotan.

Michael5000 said...

Well, we voters are really into Jacob van Ruisdael. Either that or we don't know much about art, but we know what we don't like when we don't see it. Either way, poor Robert Ryman has been gracelessly tossed out of the tournament with zero votes to put up against van Ruisdael's nine. Sasetta at least had two supporters, but still fell to Sánchez Cotán. Thank you for your votes!