Friday, October 12, 2007

The Friday Drill

First Order of Business

Congratulations and well-done to all participants in the Thursday Quiz VII. Who are the winners? You are all the winners, of course.

Who gets the stars? They all go to perennial overachievers this week:

The Au Star (get it?) -- Blythe

The Ag Star -- Rex Parker

The, um, Co Star -- Karin

A, um, um, Cl Star -- Rebel

Second Order of Business

How about that poll result? Seven of you opined that I am "totally hot," Seven of you felt that I look like a drunken degenerate but in a good way, and only one of you was "too nice to say" what you think of my spunky avatar. The one vote for me "looking like hell in this picture" was ostentatiously entered by the same coworker who offered up the original insult as I stood by her desk. She later expressed disappointment that a shared IP address kept her from being able to vote on all of the office computers. She is an angry and bitter woman.

Third Order of Business

My brother Emailed yesterday to say that he had "USC game tickets with [my] name on them," but fate is cruel and Mrs.5000 & I had already planned a romantic weekend getaway for that weekend. As it turned out, the reservations were not transferable.

But we perservere through life's ironies, and therefore here are my picks for the coming weekend of gridiron fun:

#9 Oregon 55, Washington State 28. This game is Oregon's to lose. But they won't. It will be a day of much offense, little defense. And the 2003 game will be avenged.

#2 Cal 42, Oregon State 21. After the Beavs go up 21 - 0, no doubt. Half of Cal's points will come in the fourth quarter, after OSU's fine defense has been worn to breaking.

#6 Oklahoma, #11 Missouri. Another offensive showdown. After a few enchanges, the Sooners will eventually run away from overrated Mizzou. And to my surprise, I will genuinely care. It's hard to pay attention to a team without getting attached.

Fourth Order of Business

Sorry, I only had three items of business. Have a stunning weekend.


Rex Parker said...

Damn it! Always a bridesmaid!


d said...

ok. i see how you are. you're not impressed by lighthearted yet totally pedestrian attempts at the funny. you obviously take your quizzes very seriously. i'll remember that for next time.

also, you totally left out KU v Baylor. i'll excuse this as an oversight on your part, but don't let it happen again.

Rebel said...

Would you believe me if I told you that yesterday afternoon I ran into a coworker who was wearing a Periodic Table of the Elements T-shirt?

These pop-quizes are killing me. Next time can you give us the topic ahead of time? So we can study up?

Michael5000 said...

@Rex: Not so! You were a bride once!

@d: We have a long tradition at this quiz, going back nearly two months. It's very straight-faced around here. You want to mess around, come back on Monday.

I have a twofer of degrees from the University of Kansas, but have never really plugged into its, er, fine football tradition. But, I have been tracking the Jayhawks' season with bemused interest. Whooda thunk? And I predict that they will beat the Dancing Bears this weekend, 134 - 3.

@rebel: The topic ahead of time? Study up? Surely you jest.

I may pitch it in after The Thursday Quiz X, though, as it kind of seems to be stressing everybody out.

And I'll give you this much: I've pretty much decided not to do the one on "historical Papal Names." MyDogIsChelsea lives in my town, and I'm afraid she'll find me and go Inquisition on my ass if the topics get any more obscure.

Rebel said...

You know... even in Final Jeopardy the contestants get to see the category before they have to guess.

Karin said...

What? Stop the Thursday Quiz? Are you off your meds? We LIVE for this shit. It's what makes the week worth living!

I beg of you to rethink. Seriously, I write with furrowed brow.

Or if you must impose change, might I suggest a First Thursday or Last Thursday Quiz scenario?

blythe said...

good work on the OU prediction. it was close there for a bit, but we pulled it off. and i think you've made a wise decision in recklessly throwing you support our way. until we do something totally stupid like get beat by OSU (not ohio).