Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Thursday Quiz VIII: Results

Wow! Best Thursday Quiz ever! Lots of people threw their easels into the ring, and everybody did very well indeed.

In fact -- and this kind of blows, from my perspective -- a couple of people missed just one answer, and still had to go home without a star. Yep, the field was so strong this time that a perfect score wasn't good enough. You had to be the first one to a perfect score.

Sidebar: Blythe, you know that guessing is better than leaving an answer blank, don't you? Sure you do. Also, you should check Brueghel out. He's the bomb.


So, with no further ado:

The Gold Star goes to quiz legend Rex Parker, the 166th greatest crossword solver in the universe, who now has eight stars in his trophy case after eight quizzes. It is his second gold.

The Silver Star goes to Jessica, representin' the Pennsylvania contingent with panache.

The Blue Star is the second of its hue to end up in Korea, in Heatherbee's trophy case.

Two Green Stars stay in beautiful Portland, Oregon, City of Roses. One goes down the hall to the delightful Mrs. 5000, and the other across the river to quiz stalwart Rebel.

Via cross-country satellite hookup, we were able to obtain this image of Rex (left, back to camera) celebrating his win:

It's lonely at the top.

Thanks for playing,


Anonymous said...


Er—I mean, congratulations to the winners!

Rex Parker said...

Now THAT is "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper! Sweet.


Heatherbee said...

Blue matches my interior decor better than gold or silver, anyway. :)

God, I love Hopper.

Karin said...

Well played, everyone.
Nicely done and fun, too.

Rebel said...

I'm staying up late next Wednesday to see if I can scoop everyone! Of course I'm sure it will "dictators of the 4th century" or some other category I'm equally ignorant of. =P

'Till then, I wear my little green star with pride.