Monday, October 8, 2007

The Monday Quiz

Yo, this Monday we're looking at

Current Members of the U.S. Cabinet

Is they is or is they not your public officials?
1. Secretary of State John Roberts
2. Secretary of the Treasury Ben S. Bernanke
3. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
4. Secretary of Homeland Security Donald Rumsfeld
5. Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne

(No football roundup this week, as I am too disoriented by the USC/Stanford thing.)


Rex Parker said...

3 and 5?

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you tamper with your comment format? I failed to avoid peeking this time. But I'd already decided it was 3 and 5.

Laura said...

So when I heard about this "easy" Monday quiz, I thought the questions would be more like this:

Is it or isn't a color?
1. Red
2. Blue
3. Couch
4. Dog
5. Crimson

Oh well.

1. Secretary of State John Roberts-- no. I am pretty certain that this is what Condoleeza does.
2. Secretary of the Treasury Ben S. Bernanke-- yes. He does whatever Alan Greenspan used to do with the Federal Reserve. Wait! Does that make him the Federal Reserve Chairman and NOT the Secretary of the Treasury? Is that even a real office? GACK! THIS IS A MONDAY!!! I'm officially switching my answer to no, but with reservations.
3. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates-- yes.
4. Secretary of Homeland Security Donald Rumsfeld-- no. Isn't he (hopefully) gone?
5. Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne-- who the hell ever hears about the Secretary of the Interior?? Jeez. I don't even know what such an office does. So. Yes?

Anonymous said...

PS I am very excited about my new blue star!!

Anonymous said...

OK. So. I just did some Googlin'. You sure do have a little trickster streak in ya! You know what Will Shortz does for the Monday puzzles? He keeps them straightforward and easy! Very few sneaky clues!!

1. Condoleezza indeed! John Roberts is the Chief Justice (which, I am proud to say, was my first thought).
2. !!! This is a real office, but I was correct to trust my instinct about the Federal Reserve. John W. Snow. Pfff. Whoever he is.
3. Fine.
4. !!! more trickery!! Rumsfeld was the Secretary of Defense (WAS), never the crappity-crap of the homeland crappity-crap, an office that (duh) President G. W. Crappity-Crap created. Michael Chertoff. Always wondered what he did. I guess I have him to thank for those ziploc bags I put my travel-sized toothpaste in.
5. Who knew? He's never on NPR, or at least not while I'm paying attention. He must not be involved in too many (known) scandals. Apparently, this position oversees things like the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Hopefully he won't destroy too many forests while in office.

That is all for today. Back to the (uncharacteristically) tough-for-a-Monday NY Times crossword.

Michael5000 said...

@Rex: Correct!

@Mrs.5000: Correct!

@laura/MDCI: Correct! And what an astonishing amount of quacking from someone who just completely ~nailed~ a quiz, not only getting the answers right but also displaying her spot-on reasoning for all the world to see!

Secretaries of the Interior are kind of in charge of Federal lands. Parks, logging, mining, grazing, rape of the wilderness, that kind of thing. For a good laugh, wiki James Watt sometimes. They knew how to appoint a Secretary of the Interior back when ~I~ was a lad.

Oh, and: 1, 2, and 5!

Rebel said...

I like Laura's quiz better:

1, 2 & 5 are. =)

I feel smrt now. ;)

Rex Parker said...

Where's my star!?

Karin said...

See, M5K? We're hooked.

Michael5000 said...

If I may quote myself, "Well! Wasn't that fun? Very laid back. No stars, no winner, none of that aggressive competitive vibe that you get on Thursday. Just a mellow little quiz."