Monday, October 22, 2007

The Monday Quiz

My apologies for being late with the quiz this morning. I had an early appointment with Dr. Flaming. Which sounds totally dirty, but isn't. Dr. Flaming is an ear, nose, and throat man! He checked me out, did his thing, told me I was good, and said not to come back again.


Dorkfest '07 was a runaway success. You people are nuts! In a very, very good way! The judges (me) are sequestered even as we speak, and will be rendering a verdict tonight, from the home computer.

In the meantime, we better get our

Monday Quiz

on. This week's quiz is inspired by MyDogIsChelsea, and covers the challenging topic of


Is it, or isn't it?
1. argent
2. cerise
3. cerulean
4. incarnadine
5. smalt

Yeah, a little boost there for you recovering X-Files freaks.

Knock yourself out!


blythe said...

this is hard.

yes (sort of, kind of questionably since i've never bought anything this color at j. crew which is my basis for this quiz, honestly it is and i think it's going to help me), yes, yes, yes (i don't know, but so weird, must be yes), no. little known fact. smalt is either a small malt or a malt of smelt. delicious either way.

Rebel said...

1. argent - isn't (money?)
2. cerise - is
3. cerulean - cerulean blue, like a gentle breeze
4. incarnadine - is
5. smalt - isn't

Totally guessing on everything but 3 there.

Rebel said...

That was a triksy quiz M5K... triksy & false! =P

Rebel said...

PS - Go ducks!

fingerstothebone said...

1. argent -- maybe? Silver does not appear in the colorimetry charts, so it's not a color by that definition, but artists use it as a pigment. I think you need to define color. Once again, I'm confused by your quiz. I seem to be easiily confused.
2. cerise -- yes.
3. cerulean -- yes.
4. incarnadine -- hmm, no?
5. smalt -- no.

Anonymous said...

These seem more like Thursday-caliber hues to me!!! But I do appreciate the color quiz.

1. argent- no?
2. cerise- yes?
3. cerulean- yes. definitely.
4. incarnadine- no?
5. smalt- no?

Michael5000 said...

@everybody: Yeah, I got excited by the pretty colors and kind of forgot the Monday=easy thing. Sorry.

blythe said...

actually, i was thinking about it later and have decided thayt they're all color related and having to decide if they're actual colors is too hard. for me. well, no, that's not entirely true as i'm still not 100% on what an incardine smalt is. but still.

G said...

Well, if jcrew is any sort of guide, then those are all potentially colors (along with "punch" "bright flame" "dark poppy" "azul" and "burnished olive").

Jennifer said...

I'm going with is, is, is, is at least related to color ("multitudinous seas incarnadine" or something like that from *Macbeth*--I'm not looking these up), and isn't.
smalt=you've got me there.

Chance said...

They are all colors.

Jennifer said...

P.S. Of course, we know that you were stunning your first-grade teacher by using these words in class, so they probably do seem Monday-easy to you.

I just remember the time my mother stumped us all for hours on a guessing game with the color "clover."

Michael5000 said...

Word of the day: smaragdine.

Jessica said...

1. no?
2. yes
3. yes
4. yes?
5. no?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I'm going to say Argent is not a color, because it is in fact the piss-poor prog-rock band that the dude from The Zombies (a very good band) fronted.

Karin said...

yes--means money in French, so...silver?
yes--hot pink
yes--best blue ever
yes--Jennifer says red, so I do, too

Too late for stars, but--oh, wait--this is Monday.

Michael5000 said...

They are in fact all colors. Sorry about the difficulty level. I'm a bastard.

@rebel: you are correct. Go Ducks!

fingerstothebone said...

You ARE going to claim that silver is a color. Hmm, I'm really not convinced.

Anonymous said...

1. argent: Isn't, thought it might mean "silver" from the Spanish or even quasi "green" (as in slang for money) from the French, but I'll say isn't.
2. cerise -- Is.
3. cerulean -- Is.
4. incarnadine -- Ain't heard of it so I say "ain't."
5. smalt -- Isn't. If it is it must be an ugly color.