Saturday, October 18, 2008

DorkFest: The Conclave

Michael5000 and G have removed to chambers to review materials and debate the relative merits of the various contestants.

Any further submissions will only be accepted if accompanied by big-time flattery.

Watch for the white smoke!


Chance said...

Ooh, I'm familiar with that tradition.

White smoke indicates that you have found the new Dork.

Green smoke indicates that you have found some killer bud.

Black smoke indicates that you have inadvertently burnt some plastic.

Michael5000 said...

Red and blue smoke indicates that we have found some leftover novelty fireworks from last summer.

fingerstothebone said...

No smoke yet as of guys better have stayed up all night playing with your fireworks!

MJ said...

waiting for that white smoke i've been doing some more research on the definition of "dork".
there seems to be a (still) small movement for a celebration of dorkiness (they called it "nerd pride" in English, but it is really a broader concept).
somebody should tell this people to expand it to a whole week and consider moving the date to october ;)

Morgan said...

Sorry, Oh great and powerful Michael5000 and G, but I was not able to submit my Dork statement at an earlier date. I hope this comment will help.

On Thursday, the day before I was planning on posting my statement, I was up very late, reading Superior Saturday, a book from one of my favorite series, which I had been awaiting eagerly. I was also listening to They Might Be Giants songs.

The next day, Friday, we did not have school. However, my best friend and I decided to sacrifice our day off. Instead of goofing off like most of our classmates surely were at the time, we returned to our Middle School (which had school that day) and helped the librarian. First, we measured wires. Then, we moved boxes. This was a much more entertaining experience than what we would have had if we had not gone to the school.

After this, I returned home. I was extremely tired and forgot to post a comment regarding my dorkiness. I would have done it that very night, if we had not gone to a church camp at Rockaway Beach. There, I entertained youngsters by quoting "Crisswell Predicts", a very old TV program about aliens.

When I returned, I was extremely happy to find that a winner had not yet been decided! So I decided to post this.

Michael, you are very cool, and your creatures always beat me in Spore. Which I play obsessively.

G said...

@M5K: I am loving the use of possibly the dorkiest gmail chat conversation known to man as a [now-not-so] secret shout-out. For those about to dork out, we salute you.