Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Thursday Quiz LVIII

The Thursday Quiz!

The Thursday Quiz is an "Is It or Isn't It" game. From the list of twelve items, your job is to determine whether each IS or ISN'T a true example of the week's category.

Remember always the final authority on all matters of law:

No research, Googling, Wikiing, or use of reference books. The Thursday Quiz is a POP quiz. Violators will be denied their writ of mandamus.
This Week's Category is all, like, "Oyez, Oyez, Oyez"!

Current Justices of the Supreme Court

Yes, it's the topic that everybody hated when I used it in one of the early Monday Quizzes! Which of the following are current Justices of the United States (sorry, MJ) Supreme Court? And which are not?

1. Madeleine Albright
2. Samuel Alito
3. Hugo Black
4. Harry Blackmun
5. William J. Brennan
6. Stephen Breyer
7. Alberto Gonzalez
8. Anthony Kennedy
9. Sandra Day O'Connor
10. John Roberts
11. David Souter
12. John Paul Stephens

Post your answers in the comments.


eric said...

samuel alito
stephen breyer
anthony kennedy
sandra day o'connor
john roberts
david souter
john paul stevens

funny that you bunch them all at the bottom.

gus said...

1 no
2 yes
3 no
4 no
5 no
6 yes
7 no
8 yes
9 no
10 yes
11 yes
12 yes

Karin said...

2,5, and 10 are.

But what do I know?

Yankee in England said...

Yes finally one I know

2 6 8 10 are justices 12 is if you meant to spell it Stevens if you are trying to trip us up then no it is not. Madeline Albright ha I love it. Not a supreme court justice but a cool worman

Cartophiliac said...

1. isn't
2. is
3. isn't
4. isn't
5. isn't
6. is
7. isn't
8. is
9. isn't
10. is
11. isn't
12. is

The Calico Cat said...

1 - no
2 - unfortunately
3 - no
4 - no
5 - no
6 - yes
7 - Ack - thankfully no
8 - yes, our man in the middle (Thank you Ronnie, you can be proud of this choice)
9 - not any more
10 - unfortunately
11 - yes
12 - yes (Although you misspelled his name)
(So you missed - Ginsburg, Scalia, & Thomas)

Key - unfortunately = yes

Who will probably die or retire soon - so your vote really does count?
Stevens was appointed by Ford in the 70's.
Ginsburg, Scalia & Kennedy are all in their 70's

Without careful voting, the court could easily become a very conservative entity...

More than you wanted to know at 7 in the morning, huh?

MJ said...

don't be sorry for me! my chances for winning are almost the same as with any other quiz (i think i may even know one answer):
1. no
2. yes
3. no
4. yes
5. no
6. yes
7. no
8. no
9. yes
10. no
11. yes
12. yes

d said...

man, people got up early today. someone really wants a thursday star.

1n(i kind of wish she were though), 2y, 3n, 4n, 5n, 6y, 7n, 8y, 9n, 10y, 11y, 12y?

karmasartre said...

1 / no
2 / yes your honor
3 / no
4 / no
5 / no
6 / yes
7 / no
8 / yes
9 / no
10 / yes
11 / yes
12 / yes
Harriet Miers / nope, she's running for VP

Dan said...

1. not
2. is
3. not
4. not
5. not
6. is
7. not
8. is
9. not
10. is
11. is
12. is

Phineas said...

Alito, Breyer, Kennnedy, Roberts, Souter and Stevens (sic).

I can hear Nina Totenberg dissecting a recent decision and calling them out by name.

fingerstothebone said...

Hey, this is harder than I thought.

1. no
2. yes
3. no
4. no
5. yes
6. yes
7. no
8. yes
9. no
10. yes
11. yes
12. no

Ben said...

Oh boy, I'm not so certain on some of the first names, so I'm worried that your brand of "gotcha blogging" may trip me up on some of these guesses:

1. Not
2. Is
3. Not?
4. Is?
5. Is
6. Is
7. Not
8. Is
9. Not any more
10. Is
11. Is
12. Is

Anonymous said...

1. Isn't
2. Is
3. Isn't
4. Isn't
5. Is
6. Is
7. Isn't
8. Is
9. Isn't
10. Is
11. Is
12. Is

margaret said...

1. isn't but perhaps someday
2. isn't, are you going for "Ito"?
3. isn't
4. is
5. is
6. is
7. isn't, embattled AG right?
8. isn't
9. is
10. isn't
11. is
12. isn't

wait, do I have enough?

Rex Parker said...

You're missing Ginzburg (sp?), Thomas, and Scalia. Otherwise, the rest are there. We all know who they are. They are all white dudes.

This is the easiest quiz you've ever given, which I say despite not having won one in a Long time.

Rex Parker said...

Holy @##Q@, when I see all the horrible wrong answers from your readers, I feel the need to drop some science (as is my right, now).

How can you people apparently know what Somali looks like and Not know the Supreme Court Justices!?!?!

It's Alito, Breyer, Kennedy, Roberts, Souter, Stephens. The rest are bygones or neverweres.


Chance said...

I never play the Thursday game, but i figure now is my chance to jump in, when I'm mostly uninformed.

1. Madeleine Albright - no, SoS
2. Samuel Alito - no?
3. Hugo Black - no?
4. Harry Blackmun - no
5. William J. Brennan - no
6. Stephen Breyer - no
7. Alberto Gonzalez - no, AG
8. Anthony Kennedy - yes, Reagan's liberal appointee. How I miss those heady Reagan years.
9. Sandra Day O'Connor - stepped down, hain't she?
10. John Roberts - yes
11. David Souter - yes, awful fellow
12. John Paul Stephens - yes, another Bushee

Phineas said...

RP - surprising, isn't it?

mrs.5000 said...

1 no
2 yes
3 no
4 no?
5 no
6 yes
7 no
8 yes
9 no
10 yes
11 yes
12 yes?

Michael5000 said...

And the answers is:

1. Madeleine Albright -- nope
2. Samuel Alito -- yep
3. Hugo Black -- nope
4. Harry Blackmun -- nope
5. William J. Brennan -- nope
6. Stephen Breyer -- yep
7. Alberto Gonzalez -- nope
8. Anthony Kennedy -- yep
9. Sandra Day O'Connor -- nope
10. John Roberts -- yep
11. David Souter -- yep
12. John Paul Stephens -- yep, although curse my friggin' factchecker, it is of course "Stevenz."

Michael5000 said...

Which immediately throws us into a bit of a Constitutional crisis, because the first of eight perfect scores belongs to:


Now what I need to know, Gus, is are you the same person as OilyGus?

If not, fine.

If so, what happened, bro?

Either way, the TQLVIII Gold Star is his first. Congrats!

The Calico Cat got there next for the Silver, her second and fifth Star over all.

d claims his fourth Blue Star, his ninth overall.

And several of our heavy-hitters eventually showed up to grab Green Stars: Blog Dork Rex Parker's 22nd Star keeps him atop the all-time leaderboard; Mrs.5000's 18th keeps her in third; Karmasartre's 16th puts him in 4th; and Phineas' 14th puts him in 5th. And props to dan for snagging his first Green, his second Star overall.

The first person to catch the "Stephens" typo was Yankee in England. That's right, Yankee in England is scolding me about spelling. It is a gross injustice, but the rules give me no choice but to award her the third ever Big Purple Asterisk.

Michael5000 said...

@eric: People sometimes have theories about how I order the Quiz, but actually I don't. I pick answers, then I put 'em in alphabetical order. Any patterns are just statistical noise talkin'.

@Yank: Grr....

@Calico: I promise to vote carefully. ...although maybe not. MyDogIsChelsea is having a voting party, so I might be a bit liquored up.

@MJ: I assure you that you did better on this than I would on a quiz on the Spanish high court.

@d: Someone really wants a Thursday Star... and his name is d.

@karma: Bonus points for the Harriet Miers gag.


@Rex, Phineas: ...except that I made it challenging with my wily choices for "isn't" answers.

fingerstothebone said...

I can hear Nina Totenberg dissecting a recent decision and calling them out by name.

Isn't that funny, I too was trying to channel whoever that NPR person is that covers the supreme court. For every name, I imagine her saying '...and justice' so-and-so, and guessed accordingly. Except of course that I couldn't remember Nina Totenberg's name, until I read Phineas's post.

Lisa said...

2 6 and 8 , I'm not sure about the rest.

gus said...

I once was oily, but I've bathed lately. Thanks for letting me win your fine quiz.

Yankee in England said...

actually as much as I would like to accept your purple star I need to point out in sake of fairness that the first commenter spelled it correctly in his responce so if he actually knew it was the correct spelling and it was not a typo then he should have the purple astrik. Yup hooked on phonics worked for me.

Michael5000 said...

After review of the award of the Big Purple Asterisk to Yankee in England, the ruling on the field has been confirmed.