Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Monday Quiz XLVIII

DorkFest '08 results 9 p.m. PDT Monday

Name That Theme!
1. What's happening here? Where?

2. Who are these guys? What are they up to?

3. What incident is portrayed here?

4. This is the plan for what operation?

5. Why did this helicopter crash in the Iranian desert?

Submit your answers in the comments.


fingerstothebone said...

Monday 9pm!? I think you're not in conclave, I think you guys are just sitting around drinking beer.

1. the last airlift out of Saigon
2. I have no idea, but I'll say Napolean's army invading Rome
3. Somebody shooting at somebody else?
4. Eh, Bay of Pig(s?) (I have a problem with floating Ss)
5. Oh oh oh, I should know this! But I don't!

Morgan said...

1. They are climbing up to a helicopter, on a building.

2. These are soldiers, and they are marching.

3. A ship firing a rocket.

4. D-Day, a famous WWII invasion.

5. Because it was hit.

MJ said...

1. If that was Spain i would say it's the Tulipán helicopter (TV publicity shapes the way we see the world, and sometimes spoils it). I'll go for people trying to escape from a country. Angola in the 70s?

2. Is that Napoleon invading Europe? Or better still: trying to invade Russia but the Russians decided to destroy everything before he got there?

3. No idea... a U.F.O. spying on the U.S.Navy?

4. Those names... that has to be Bahía Cochinos. Or not. But if the North points correctly and the Caribbean is where the map states at least it cannot be Panama (or any other country in the mainland). Wait i'm not so sure... whatever, Bahía Cochinos.

5. Probably they had some problem with the navigation system. I bet there was a mole in their software development team. Or maybe it was just a bomb or missile. In a war that would be kind of normal.

Cartophiliac said...

1. The evacuation of the U.S. embassy during the fall of Saigon.

2. The British burning Washington during the War of 1812

3. This is the only one I am not sure of... Is it when the U.S. shot down an Iranian passenger airliner during the Persian Gulf War?

4. Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

5. It was on its way to rescue the American hostages in Tehran.

Theme: American military and diplomatic failures?

Why do you hate America?

Twister Valley Records said...

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Christine M. said...

1.) evacuation of the American embassy in Saigon
2.) British burning Washington during the War of 1812
3.) Preparation for creating a postage stamp of the U.S.S. Vincennes
4.) Bay o' Pigs (or Bahía de Cochinos, in Spanish)
5.) Trying to rescue hostages in Iran

Anonymous said...

1 Evacuation of Saigon
2 British troops; burning the Executive Mansion, Washington, DC
3 the name is familiar, but I can't place the incident; shot down something they shouldn't?
4 Bay of Pigs?
5 Got sand in the engines, I think

Rex Parker said...

1. Saigon airlift 1975
2. Redcoats burn the White House
3. America fires first salvo against Martian invaders, 1991
4. US invasion of Cuba (failure)
5. Trying to rescue hostages


Anonymous said...

1 / Americans leaving Viet Nam
2 / British troops torching the Capital Building
3 / US ship shooting down innocent Iranian airliner
4 / Bay of Pigs Invasion...except for that "Central Australia" part
5 / Shot down by friendly fire

Theme / We goofed.

Rebel said...

Your blog ate my post... again! Maybe it's a Thailand thing. Onwards!

The theme is sad sad days in American history... aka wars Rebel doesn't know very much about.

1. The US is leaving Vietnam... this is maybe the consulate or something. Too many people, not enough helicopters. Those poor people. =(

2. If we're doing US history here, then I think the guys in the big hats are British, and they appear to be burning a building. Is that specific enough for you?

3. Shock & Awe circa WW2?

4. The Bay of Pigs Invasion?

5. I believe it was sent by Pres. Carter to go rescue the hostages, but unfortunately it crashed in a sandstorm.

Thank for the upper M5K. =/

Anonymous said...

1. Airlifting civilians out of the American Embassy at the fall of Saigon.

2. Brits burning Washington during the War of 1812.

3. Preemptive strike against Iranian Civilian Air Force during the PGW.

4. Bay of Pigs.

5. It sucked sand into its turbine. It was in the Iranian desert on a mission to free American hostages taken during the overthrow of the Shah of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Just read the other comments. La grinissima should win based on her response to #3 alone.

Anonymous said...

1 A lot of people are wanting to get into a precariously placed helicopter! I'm guessing it's the evacuation of Saigon.
2 French soldiers are burning an art museum!
3 The U.S.S. Vincennes firing its missile!
4 Operation Just Try to Take Cuba Back from the Commies?
5 It must have been that ill-fated expedition to rescue the U.S. hostages in Iran.

The theme is "military fiascoes and derring-do"

blythe said...

rather than correct answers, i'd like to suggest a guesses to which i've dedicated very little thought:

1. US government renting out Marine One for revenue in these tough economic times. In this photo, attendees for Dakota Fannings Super Sweet 16 party leave the hippest, most clandestine club in LA.

2. These guys are drawings. They're busy waging a two-dimensional war on perspective.

3. The incident of Americans doing mean things. Again.

4. Cuba's lipo, ear tuck, and boob job.

5. They used regular unleaded instead of premium, duh.

This was a downer, dude.

Chance said...

1 evac of saigon
2 burning of white house 1814
3 you... you are aware that you left the name of the ship on there, right? this ship shot down an iranian airplane, killing 300 people.
4 bay of pigs
5 operation eagle claw (botched rescue of hostages)

Chance said...

oh, and if you want the theme guessed, it's low moments in american military morale, i suppose.

McGuff said...

1. Failure in Viet Nam. Airlift from the US Embassy.
2. British burning the White House.
3. US missile shoots down ill-fated civilian aircraft.
4. Ill-fated invasion of Cuba.
5. Ill-fated hostage rescue attempt

If you left 1961 off the legend we might have thought #4 was a Made Up Land for a spell, before then realizing it was the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Anonymous said...

1. Rescuing embassy workers? Forget where.
2. Burning some capitol.Red coats.
3. Now I know the name of that boat. Just heard it recently. It blew an Iranian flight out of the sky and killed bunches I think.
4. Plans gone awry.
5. Friendly fire?

Theme: Iran. I ran so far away.

Michael5000 said...

Well, what we have here are American military fiascos. Or what have you.

1. The Fall of Saigon

2. The Burning of Washington, in the War of 1812.

3. The U.S.S. Vincennes shoots down a passenger airliner.

4. The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

5. It was part of an attempted rescue of the staff of the American embassy, which was being held hostage in the Iranian Revolution.

The plan was, this helicopter and seven others would establish an advance camp in the Iranian desert, where they would be refueled by a tanker plane. Then, they would fly to a second camp close to Tehran. The commandos on board would meet waiting cars driven by local CIA spooks, who would drive them into the city and downtown. There, they would storm the embassy. They would find the hostages, free them, and drag them to the local soccer stadium. They would be met there by the helicopters, which would fly them all to safety.

I know it seems impossible that anything could possibly go wrong in a plan like that, but I'm afraid it did.

Michael5000 said...

Which gives us the following Exclamation Pointers:

Cartophiliac -- his 14th E.P., in 4th on the all-time leaderboard

Critical Bill -- his 8th, moving him up to the 8th position.

Chance -- his 17th, threatening Mrs.5000 again in the #2 spot.

Phineas -- his 9th, breaking a long 20-quiz drought.

Michael5000 said...

@Fingers: Beer? Heavens no. When G & I get together, it is to drink absinthe and absinthe only!

@Morgan: There's a word for your brand of reductionist absurdity, sir. Except, I can't remember it offhand.

@MJ: I have Googled "Tulipan" and all I can find is a brand of condoms. Do they have their own helicopter? Like the Goodyear blimp?

@Carto: It was a few years before the Gulf War, actually.

And: I don't hate America so much as I hate freedom.

@La Gring: Sadly -- there's not much about the whole business that isn't sad -- there actually is a postage stamp of the U.S.S. Vincennes.

@karma: Yeah, I was wondering about the "Central Australia" thing too. Maybe it's hard-boiled military jargon.

@blythe: Sorry for the downer. It's true; two-dimensional wars on perspective are never a good time.

@Chance: Oops, I left the name of the ship in the image!

@Phineas: Well, #4 as conceived was kind of a Made-Up Land, one in which the citizens would happily rise up and side with invasion forces against their own country. Of course, that was back before the U.S. intelligence community got its act together....

Well played, everyone! We'll have something more cheerful next week. I owe you "Triumphs of American Diplomacy" or something.

MJ said...

hahaha, there's a brand of condoms with the name of a margarine???
i must do some research on that!

McGuff said...

20 quiz drought, brought on by a nearly 20 quiz abesnce. Ya gots to play if want to be paid.