Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day Number 2008

Here to Remind You that it's Time to Vote.....

...why, it's MyDogIsChelsea! This photo is from her recent star turn on, which makes her among the very most famous members of the L&TM5K community. Her YesWeCake appearance also includes a photograph of me, michael5000, casting a vote for my own preferred candidate. So y'all can just lay off with that "news broadcast from the future" meme, OK? I get it! I voted!

More pictures from the MyDogIsChelsea voting party -- including a few in which if you look very, very closely you can actually kind of tell whom she voted for -- can be found here.

Who Are Some of the Other Famous Members of the L&TM5K Community?

Well, you may have noticed this when you were flipping through this month's Oklahoma Magazine:

But did you notice who gets top billing?

That's right -- Blythe's Bee-Spot is officially the Greatest Oklahoma Website! [insert cruel joke here.] Now, that's famous! Mind you, I don't know if she technically considers herself "of the L&TM5K Community," but since I've been more or less trying to rip off her writing style for the last year and change she's pretty much on board whether she wants to be or not.

(Rip off her writing style, that is, except for the self-depricating part. I haven't mastered that bit yet.)

Also, Rex.

Really, having the 55th Greatest Crossword Puzzle Solver in the Universe as the official Dork of your independent blog is kind of like having Dick Cheney on the board of your international engineering and construction corporation. It's good for business. Here's what happened when Rex Parker put his DorkFest championship badge up on Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle:

We can only wonder what would happen if he wrote something like "The Life & Times of Michael5000 is not just the most insightful, vital, necessary thing happening on the internet today -- it's also consistently laugh-out-loud funny!"

But Enough About Famous Readers. The Important Thing Is.... Elizabeth recently posted, cryptically but memorably:

Courage, people....


jovaliquilts said...

OK, off to the kitchen to bake an Obama cake!!

Rex Parker said...

I haz blogg. Now I wanna see if I can do other funny things to your traffic pattern. Remove links to you entirely ... then suddenly do an entire blog post about you, complete with sexy lies that make people inclined to click through ...

One way or another, I believe I am going to be crying tonight.

I am heading out to vote in 1 hr and 7 minutes with my first-time-
presidential-voting ex-NZ'er wife.

If Obama can win perennially Republican Dixville Notch, NH by 15 to 6 (which he did), maybe there's Hope.

DIXVILLE NOTCH has many humorous possibilities as a sexual euphemism.


Anonymous said...

OMIGOD. I'm almost as famous as Blythe and RP?!?!?!?!?

blythe said...

that is a kick ass cake.

also, yay me! you and my parents are so far the only ones even remotely interested. i'm still convinced it was my kindly grandmother's attempt at re-establishing a semblance of self esteem for me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the quiz. Things have been hectic and intense.

I want cake and now I want a stoat the way a little girl wants a pony.

You have distinguished readership. I am honored to be among them.

Are you watching the everything? Isn't it amazing? I am still going to be nervous until I hear a concession speech and then maybe a little after too.