Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your Friends on Election Day 2008

OK, I was going to talk about some books today, but instead...

Your Friends on FaceBook with New Status Updates, 8:45 p.m. 11/4/08

C.B. is very very happy. about a minute ago

N.G. is YES WE DID! Solid like BARACK! 4 minutes ago

C.S. is celebrating Obama's victory!!!!! Tonight I am proud to be an American. 11 minutes ago

T.K. is not only ecstatic about our president-elect, but giddy that she got to hug Storm Large on hearing the news. 12 minutes ago

E.B.: this is actually a great concession speech. 14 minutes ago

J.M. is feeling all 1992 all over again. 15 minutes ago

A.C. would give anything to be in Chicago right now! :-D. 20 minutes ago

D.G. Feel like I could fly. And, breathe for the first time in eight years. Hallelujia! 24 minutes ago

S.W. says YAY OBAMA!!!!! 30 minutes ago

C.M. is happy as a clam. 32 minutes ago

A.F. has goosebumps. 34 minutes ago

J.S. projects a better tomorrow than she had anticipated. 35 minutes ago

R.S. is proud to be an American again. =' ). 39 minutes ago

J.B. is listening to NPR and thinking about change. :-). 54 minutes ago

A.H.W.M. can't wait to FINALLY be proud of a president. about an hour ago

L.G. is going crazy on the CNN electoral map calculator can't stop pressing the button. 3 hours ago

J.J. is watching t.v ELECTION NIGHT. 3 hours ago

S.L. is thinking little African-American girls living in the White House is a delightful image. 3 hours ago

E.H.B. has election fever. Or maybe just the flu. 3 hours ago

C.L. is going to Betsy's to have a quiet glass of wine, some vegan goodies, and watch Obama paint the country BLUE! 4 hours ago

K.H. is gettin' her vote on for the first time ever and is praying, "God be with this country..." 7 hours ago

S.C. is getting out the vote for Barack Obama. 7 hours ago

D.N. is undecided. (mac and cheese or beans and rice). 8 hours ago

T.T. is drinking and watching election coverage. 8 hours ago

J.R. is ready to boogie for Barack...Visualize Victory folks! 9 hours ago

J.E. loves all the status messages about the election - hopefully Gen X or Y or whatever we are really gets out in force today. 9 hours ago

L.P. is bubbling with excitement, hope and more than a dash of the jitters. YES WE CAN!!! 10 hours ago

M.B. is voting for Obama. 12 hours ago

I.J. is being tortured by the suspense of it all! Really, she CANNOT read another political analysis and just needs to start seeing some results! 14 hours ago

L.B. is excited that today could be a historical day in the history of our country....go obama! 15 hours ago

M.W.F. has donated his status to remind everyone how awesome he is. 20 hours ago

J.B. is hoping with all my heart that in less than 24 hours we will be getting our ridiculous Alaskan governor back and the rest of you will never hear of her again. 22 hours ago

B.A. has something to look forward to. 23 hours ago

V.M. is yelling "GO OBAMA!!" on Monday

Addendum: I Like Where I Live


Karin said...

woo HOO! Go BLUE!

(not that I'm in favor of the limited two-party system, but holy cow how great it is to have a president who 1) thinks like me and 2) has a brain.)

Fool for paper said...

I am so happy - I just screamed like a teenager and whooped with like-minded people.

Rebel said...

I keep randomly bursting into tears. I can't believe this is really happening. It almost makes me want to come back to the States.

Anonymous said...

I kept leaving my reading groups hanging so I could dash over to the computer for an update. They are very tolerant 8 year olds. :) I really wish I could be in the states to celebrate with "(my) people" (my Canadian friend refers to my fellow countrymen and women as "your people"). Here's to change!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I've died and gone to America.

blythe said...

overall happy, but damn, oklahoma is the reddest.state.ever.

DrSchnell said...

Hey, man, why can't y'all get around to counting your ballots? Here it is the next day and you're still reporting only about 74% I know, you've gotta wait for the mail, but geesh.... I wanna know who won your Senate seat.

Spent 7 hours yesterday getting out the PA vote and patrolling for Republican malfeasance (of which there was actually quite a bit) at the polling place where most of our students go. Turnout at that precinct was 2 1/2 times what it was in 2004. Go PA! Boo Oklahoma!

Michael5000 said...

@Karin: Yep.

@fool: Yep.

@Reb: Yep.

@jennyj: It's true! We're your people!

@Karma: Yep. And, that's the best description I've heard yet. I shall now steal it for my status on the FaceBooks.

@blythe: You knew Oklahoma was a red state when you married it.

@drschnell: Chill, man. We're just having some coffee here, OK? We'll finish counting the ballots, you know, later.

Kritkrat said...

Giddy about Obama, but blythe, I'm pretty sure Alaska has got you beat. We sent a convicted felon back to DC! And McCain won by like, 67% here. SUCK IT, ALASKA!! The one day every four years where it sucks to live in the Last Frontier...

mysterymoor said...

Most of my contacts had obama-related things as their status too, and most of them are not even American!

d said...

i'm so in love with america right now i can't stand it.

Anonymous said...

I waited to change mine until after I heard the concession speech. I had trouble believing. Too many tricks have been played in the past.

I felt the love coming from so many corners of the planet. I still do. I think there are some who are as disbelieving as I was out there.

How cool is it to be an American right now!?

It was a very good day.