Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Monday Quiz L

The Monday Quiz Goes to ___________!

1. Flat as a board because it's built on an old lakebed; perenially smoggy because of the surrounding mountains: what city is this?

2. These nice people must be celebrating the ______ ______ ______.

3. Why, it's the famous architecture and mural art of the _____________!

4. Why such unpleasantness in this Manet painting?

5. What's this thingy?

Submit your answers in the comments.


Anonymous said...

1 Mexico city
2 Day of the Dead
3 typo's in the original question and google assistance not withstanding... this is the camps of the National Autonomous University of Mexico
4 a derivative of "the third of may" featuring the execution of Maximilian
5 a depiction of the Aztec calendar

hence the quiz goes to Mexico!

Anonymous said...

typos of my own...# 3 should read "campus", not camps damnit

Cartophiliac said...

Welcome to Mexico
1. Mexico City
2. Day of the Dead
3. Aztecs
4. Emperor Maximillian getting what's coming
5. Calendar

Anonymous said...

1 Mexico City
2 Day of the Dead
3 National University?
4 Rebellious Indians begin executed?
5 A calendar

Christine M. said...

1. La ciudad de Mexico
2. El dia de los muertos
3. UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)
4. Shootin' dat Frenchy Emperor
5. Aztec calendar (although there's some debate about if it really is a calendar)

d said...

1. la ciudad de mexico
2. el dia de los muertos
3. famouso? (here my spanish runs out) i have no idea. aztecs? is that what you mean? it looks like a university or an art museum.
4. they're executing someone important.
5. aztec calendar

Anonymous said...

1. El distrito federal, AKA Mexico City
2. Americanized dia de los muertos
3. UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónomo de México)
4. Kill the French Emperor! He's a real jerk.
5. Aztecan calendar

It's Mexico, of course. Although #2 might be from Texas.

Nichim said...

1. Ciudad de Mexico
2. Dia de los Muertos
3. Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (I'd love to be a professor there someday, if it wasn't for the smog)
4. Nobody (except the europhilic elites) expects the French Emperor Maximiliano and how much everyone hates him!
5. A mockup of an Aztec calendar

Morgan said...

1. Mexico City
2. Day of the Dead
3. Aztec
4. The painting is a reflection of the oppressive government at the time.
5. An Aztec Calender.

MJ said...

1. Mexico (D.F.)
2. Día de los muertos?
3. The University
4. Pancho Villa is being executed?
5. A calendar

Karin said...

1. no place I wanna live
2. day of the dead
3. looks like a college campus and
a drive in theater
4. oh, M5K, that's no way to start
the day :(
5. Aztec calendar (do you know that I have always visualized months of the year and days of the week in a counter-clockwise circle?)

The Calico Cat said...

Mexico City (My guess after seeing the other pictures.)
Dio De Los Muertos (My GF is into this one & The Lady of Guadalupe)
Probably some University - but there is a suspicious lack of students on the quad, so....
Execution of Maxmillian - (Thanks Art History teacher)
Aztec calendar (Isn't that thing about to run out...)

Anonymous said...

1 / Mexico City
2 / The Day of the Dead
3 / Mayan culture
4 / A faulty chemical in the oil paint
5 / The Aztec calendar on the road to Mandala

Quiz L goes to Mexico.

blythe said...

-mexico city
-dia de los dead people
-really? people knew this paiting without cheating?
-wall art on sale now at pier one

fingerstothebone said...

1. Mexico City
2. Day of the Dead
3. Eh...they came from outer space...
4. People are getting killed, that's why it's unpleasant!
5. Aztec calendar

Anonymous said...

1. Gary, Indiana.
2. Kwanza
3. Westchester Community College, Spongebob Annex.
4. The firing of Glen by Glenn, Gary and Ross. Coffee is for closers.
5. Wham-O flying calender.

Anonymous said...

1. Probably not right, but Salt Lake City? I don't think SLC is that flat...

2. Dia de los Muertos!

3. Aztec, maybe?

4. I'm really bad at dates of artists and events, but I would say those are Confederate soldiers shooting runaway slaves?

5. A Mexican sun god thingy?

Trying not to be a "buzzkill" and take the quiz, but DAMN I don't know a lot of stuff. But I guess this is a good way to learn a lot of stuff, hm?

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh. All about Mexico. Can I change my answers now?

DrSchnell said...

OK, first of all, an apology for missing a number of quizzes in a row. Most of my farting-around-online time has been taken up with obsessive tracking of sites like, and the like. This should improve greatly tomorrow.

1. Mexico City
2. Day of the Dead. Or a McCain victory party.
3. Mayans
4. Maximillian getting ready for his future Day of the Dead party.
5. Aztec calendar. I've got one of these thingys hanging up in my basement that I bought in Mexico when I was 13 cuz I thought it looked cool. Don't know how to read it.

Anonymous said...

miguel cincomil visita a MEXICO!
1 la ciudad de mexico
2 dia de los muertos
3 universidad de mexico
4 los revolucionarios are being matados at very close range by a firing squad with posture muy curioso
5 un calendario (azteca, si recuerdo correctamente, pero the maya had them tambien)

Ben said...

The Monday Quiz Goes to...Mexico!

1. Never been there, but it sounds like Mexico City (México D.F.)
2. Day of the Dead (or Día de los Muertos)
3. Mayans?
4. Um... because executions are typically tend to be unpleasant? I don't recognize the uniforms, so I am going to guess that this depicts the execution of Maximilian as part of Mexico's revolution against the French.
5. Is that an Aztec calendar?

Rex Parker said...

Mexico City
I know you want Day of the Dead, but you provided only three spaces, so I say Cinqo de Mayo.
Emperor Maximillian being killed there
The dinner plate of Quetzocoatl.


mhwitt said...

1. Peoria. I fear how my answer may play there.
2. Day of Festivus.
3. Aristocracy.
4. Airline food.
5. A fancily frosted Ritz Cracker (TM).

Michael5000 said...

The MQL (like Bridget B., actually) is in MEXICO, baby!

1. Mexico City

2. Day of the Dead

3. National University of Mexico

4. That would be the execution of Emporer Maximillian (and his two senior generals)

5. It's an Aztec calendar

Michael5000 said...

Five contestants bring home the MQL Exclamation Point!

La Gringissima, with her twelfth MQEP, moves into undisputed 5th spot on the all-time leaderboard.

The Calico Cat, with her eighth, moves into a tie for 8th place.

Nichim bags her sixth Exclamation Point... and her third in five weeks...

Gus, no longer Oily, returns to grab his third...

and In Media Res, only four days after becoming the 44th person to win a TQ Star, becomes the 48th person to win a MQ Exclamation Point. And, let's see, the 34th person to have at least one of each! Cool.

Michael5000 said...

@gus: Sorry about the, typo's.

@Carto, In Media, Nichim...: I can see why Emporer Max isn't exactly a beloved folk hero, but what (very) little I've read about him suggests he was a decent enough guy who honestly wanted to improve the lives of the Mexican people. Also that he could easily have escaped back to France, but didn't want to abandon his supporters. Just sayin'.

@Nichim: ...and then I would have two buddies on the UNAM faculty. That would be trippy.

@Karin: By coincidence, the very thing that Maximillian was thinking.

@Blythe: They apparently do. Smart suckers, aren't they.

@Bill: Coffee IS for closers. Mmm... Coffee.....

@Kate: Excellent job of not being a buzzkill!

@DrSchnell: Very droll! Welcome back.

@sra5000: I'm pretty embarassed how long it took me to figure out who "sra5000" was.

Karin said...

who IS sra5000?

DrSchnell said...

Yes, my "I really should be working" blogging time has been taken up by, and the like for the last several weeks, by which point I'm feeling far too guilty at not doing my job to go to M5K. But I'm back now!

Michael5000 said...

@karin: In English, we call her Mrs.5000.

@drschnell: L&TM5K first. Job second.

Bridget said...

DAMN! I am so freakin' late to the party! Oh well, I am in Mexico, and I still knew three of the answers . . . sadly, not the best average . . .