Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Monday Quiz LI

Sport -- a conceptual approach

1. This diagram shows a possible course of action in the game of ______________.

2. You need one of these to play a legal game of _________________.

3. What sport are these gentlemen playing?

4. In what athletic competition would you have to contend with this?

5. What is this man telling us?

5a. Or, if you come from New Zealand or Spain or someplace exotic like that, or if you are an effete intellectual, or a member of "the creative class," you may instead identify what sort of contest the following apply to. (Yes, they are in feet, but the shapes are to an international standard.)

Submit your answers in the comments.


Kadonkadonk said...

Oh goodie!! I get to be the first one to look silly for a change. Ok:
1. Basketball
2. Soccer
3. Cricket
4. Cross Country Equestrian?
5. Safety
5a. Um, diskus field or something?

gus said...

1 basketball
2 soccer (america)/football (everywhere else)
3 cricket
4 horse jumping
5 safety?
5a discus

Cartophiliac said...

1. basketball
2. futbol (soccer)
3. cockroach... er I mean Cricket.
4. horse jumping
5. safety
5. discus throw

The Calico Cat said...

1. Basketball
2. soccer
3. cricket
4. an equestrian event
5. a football referee - not touchdown...
6. Track & field event - discus

gS49 said...

1 basketball
2 soccer (futbol)
3 cricket, the gentlemanly sport
4 cross-country (the horsey kind)
5A shotput.

La Gringissima said...

1. Basketball
2. soccer
3. cricket
4. horse sports
5. Namaste?
6. shotput

mh said...

1. basketball
2. soccer
3. cricket
4. an equestrian event
5. safety
5a. something in track and field?

Elizabeth said...

What men are interested in ... sheesh.

1. Basketball.
2. Football/Soccer.
3. Cricket, by Jove.
4. Steeplechase.
5. Football prayer!
5a. Hammer throw.

Rebel said...

1. Basketball
2. Football (the game where you use your feet to advance the ball) or as you crazy Americans call it "soccer"
3. Cricket
4. Steeplechase - or some similar Equestrian event.
5. To walk like an Egyptian? To Vogue? To stop the play on the field, so he can check the yardage?

5a. Ok, the only sport I know where you stand in a circle and there's a cone of activity is the Shot Put.

MJ said...

1. basketball
2. football (soccer)
3. cricket
4. 1500 hurdles?
5. that the match is over?
5a. no frigging idea; some kind of "throwing" sport, like shot put?

DrSchnell said...

1. Basketball
2. I'll say soccer. Could be field hockey, but I think field hockey has a smaller goal. Didn't even know people played field hockey until I moved out east. Weirdos.
3. cricket.
4. steeplechase?
5a. probably something like a safety, which almost never happens which is why I don't remember it. Or not.
5b. hammer throw?

d said...

1. basketball! the best sport on earth.

2. soccer (football)/field hockey/lacrosse/jai lai (i think)

3. cricket

4. something equestrian—steeplechase perhaps?

5. safety
5a. mathletes! or shot put(?) whichever.

Sandy said...

1. basketball
2. LaCrosse (I should just go with soccer, but the net looks too, i dunno, square?)
3. manly cricket
4. steeplechase
5. he's happy and he knows it.
5a. oh goody, I get another chance! A throwing-type contest?

KarmaSartre said...

1 / basketball
2 / soccer (otherwise it's illegal?)
3 / cricket (the square leg umpire in the Sponge pants is a giveaway)
4 / equestrian jumping
5 / either that he is ready to fly, or a football Safety
5a / Hammer Throw. I question the "ALL DIMENSIONS ARE IN FEET" note, as the top number in each diagram is, I believe, in degrees.

mrs.5000 said...

1 basketball
2 soccer
3 cricket
4 steeplechase
5 uh, he's telling us, uh, First Down! (Or Go Ducks, or something.)
5a That's totally me, an effete member of the creative class from, you know, that exotic combination of New Jersey, Montana, and the Chicago suburbs. So I should know this! It looks to me like a safe place from whence to throw the shotput. Of course it could be javelin or discus, or maybe they all use the same layout, which would certainly be cost-effective.

margaret said...

1 basketball
2 soccer
3 cricket
4 steeplechase
5 let's pray. Kidding. make that a timeout.
6 hm ... rugby?

Ben said...

1. Basketball. Pick and roll, baby!
2. Soccer, or as the rest of the world calls it, football.
3. Cricket?
4. Steeplechase (in track and field, not horse racing)
5. Safety in American Football. The defense just scored 2 points.
5a. Discus/Hammer Throw. I believe both sports use the same layout.

Anonymous said...

Let's see.

1. Basketball
2. Soccer
3. Cricket?
4. How about horse jumping?
5. "Walk like an Egyptian"
5a. Hammer Throw?

Jenners said...

OK...maybe I got a shot at this even though I am a total non-sports person. When I saw the first one, I was frightened and thought I was going to have to figure out some kind of appropriate move.

Well, here goes.

1. Basketball
2. Soccer
3. Cricket
4. Water polo
5. Safety in Football

boo said...

1. Basketball
2. Soccer
3. Cricket
4. Classic Riding competition?
5. Pit stain check good.
5a. Shot put?

The ref makes me laugh no matter what it actually means.

Looking forward to the Thursday sequence.

al said...

1 basketball
2 soccer
3 cricket
4 equestrian jumping
5 safety
6 shot put

Morgan said...

I don't care about sports. I in no way expect to get anything right on this. That being said:

1. Basketball
2. Soccer, or Football if you aren't American
3. Cricket
4. A Steeplechase
5. Praise the Lord!
5a. Water Polo? :D

Michael5000 said...

And welcome back to the Monday Quiz for the inaugeral running of the Sixth Season, ladies and gentlemen. Let's see what we've got in the way of answers:

1. Basketball.

2. Soccer, or Rest-of-the-World Football as it is often called.

3. Cricket.

4. This is not an equestrian barrier. After hurried research, I am pretty sure that horse jumping involves much higher and less precisely defined obstacles. Also, I don't think you would want to leap a prize horse onto a concrete surface, but that's just speculation.

It's actually a Steeplechase water pit. Like, a HUMAN Steeplechase water pit. For the awesomest of the track and field events.

5. The referee is indicating that a Safety has been scored in a game of American Football.

5a. It's a discus ring. You don't need the baricades so much in shot put. I'll give you hammer throw, although I don't think they let high school kids throw the hammer what with the potential lethality and all.

Michael5000 said...

So, with fabulous entries across the board today, we've got exclamation points going out to three contestents:

Ben, who identified all six diagrams with great authority.

Drschnell, who lacked confidence but possessed veracity.

Elizabeth, who sneaks in with the either/or clause on #5.

Well done!

Michael5000 said...

Oops, I'm all disoriented after my week off and forgot to do the trademark excessive pointless postgame analysis. Suffice to say that drschnell is back in a tie for second, only one E.P. behind all-time leader Mrs.5000.

@Kadonk: Way to get things started.

@La Gring: "Namaste" indeed....

@Rebel: Yeah, I'll show YOU a "crazy American"...

@Karma: Ah, but is an angle really a "dimension" per se? Hmm?

@Jenners & Morgan: I LOVE the image of a water polo game in a steeplechase pit. Crowded!

@boo: The ref IS pretty funny doing that, especially out of context. The weekend before last, I was near Oregon's end zone in a game against Stanford. At one point there was very nearly a safety against Oregon, and at the end of the play eight or nine of Stanfords big, burly, testosterone-enhanced football players simultaneously turned to the ref and began beseechingly making that gesture. Funniest thing I've ever seen, although when Oregon actually DID get hit for a safety on the next play it rather wiped the grin off my face, I'll tell you what.

Dan said...

dammit, I missed this one too. I may have scored well. here are my guesses anyway:

1. basketball
2. soccer
3. cricket
4. some sort of aqua-equestrian affair that I don't know the name of? horse hurdles?
5. he's signaling a safety in football. 2 points for the defensive team and they get the ball.
5.a. shot put

Ben said...

They did hammer throw at my high school. Corvallis High School class of 1986.

Michael5000 said...

I stand corrected.