Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Monday Quiz LII

Aerial Images: Countries

In recognition that this might be one of those difficultish Quizzes, you've got six chances to make five this week. Happy travels!

1. This image is centered on the southwest Asian country of ______________.

2. What two countries are constrasted in this night image?

3. What country is this?

4. What country can be seen in its entirety in this image?

5. This image shows ____________, which is one of the wealthiest countries in the world on a per capita basis.

6. What country can be seen in its entirety in this somewhat tricksy image?

Submit your answers in the comments.


Morgan said...

1. Turkey
2. India and Bangaladash
3. Panama
4. Gambia
5. Switzerland
6. Iceland

Wasn't guessing at all there. :D

Anonymous said...

1 / Turkey
2 / North Korea and South Korea
3 / Panama
4 / Uruguay
5 / Singapore
6 / Ireland (-90d)

Anonymous said...

North and South Korea

Cartophiliac said...

1. Turkey
2. North & South Korea
3. Panama
4. Uruguay
5. Singapore
6. Ireland (Looks sorta like a shaggy toy poodle)

Jennifer said...

I think I'm a sucker for aerial photographs. No, I'm not playing, just saying, even if I'm mostly clueless, I like 'em.

Christine M. said...

Yeah. What Cartophiliac said.

Jenners said...

Holy crap! I just had a flashback to college when you would point to countries on a map and have me identify them and I was almost never even close. I am still geographically challenged and I'm sure you'll manage a few snide chuckles at my ridiculous answers but here goes...

1. Thailand
2. Africa and Italy
3. Italy
4. Lichtenstein
5. Monaco
6. Australia

Not even sure these are all countries now that I think about it. Gosh I feel dumb!

d said...

north and south korea
indonesia (?)
egypt (?)
united arab emirates (?)
malaysia (?)

i geography suck

Nichim said...

Oooh, oooh, the first one is Turkey!!
The rest are cool looking, of course, but I've no idea.

Anonymous said...

"Difficultish"?! Oh, you are so funny, Mr. 5k. I am sure of none of my answers.
1. indonesia
2. Western capitalist side of the rive and Eastern poor sods side of the river.
3. I can't even think of a country to guess. Ah.. um... Kiribati!
5. Singapore
6. ireland

Rebel said...

1 Ok- I'm not sure I ever would have gotten this one because you said southwest asia... which to me is like Sri Lanka. But then I saw the answer.
2 Ok... at first I thought it was England and Scotland... but Scotland looked kinda big and hat-like... and then I saw the answer to this one too. I need to close my eyes while blogger loads the comment box.
3 Panama
4 looks like the Amazon... but Brazil is bigger than that.
5 Qatar?
6 Ireland

DrSchnell said...

1. Turkey
2. South and North Korea
3. Panama. Dammit, you've now gotten that Van Halen song stuck in my head. I hope it is now stuck in yours.
4. Uruguay
5. Singapore
6. Republic of Ireland, taking a snooze. Or passed out in the gutter, you pick. Wearing Northern Ireland for a hat.

Anonymous said...

1 Turkey
2 North and South Korea
3 Panama
4 uh...British Guyana
5 Monaco
6 Ireland

fingerstothebone said...

1. Why is everyone saying Turkey? Is it because it's almost Thanksgiving?

2. North Korea and South Korea.

3. Looks like a Seahorse.

4. Looks like a gaping mouth of a very big fish.

5. Looks like a piglet.

6. Looks like a flying green gnome.

Kritkrat said...

Geezuz, how do you people know this stuff?!

Anonymous said...

1. Turkey?
2. Is this a Jackson Pollack painting? Um, okay, let me guess here. Botswana and South Africa.
3. Part of Greenland. ?
4. Eritrea?
5. Luxembourg?
6. Iceland?

Christ. Remember when Monday used to be easy????

Elizabeth said...

1. Tajikistan.
2. North and South Korea.
3. Panama.
4. French Guiana.
5. Dubai.
6. Iceland. In an ice-free state.

MJ said...

Well this time at least i know 2 answers for sure, maybe even 3 :)
1. Turkey
2. is that Alaska? so, United States and Canada?
3. Panama
4. Guyana?
5. Taiwan?
6. Ireland

MJ said...

hahaha no. 2 is like that picture when you can see either a young lady wearing a strange hat or an old lady with a shawl over her head. now i can see the Koreas... too late

MJ said...

of course i meant "where you can see"

Anonymous said...

1. Not sure
2. Hmm. North and South Korea?
3. Panama
4. Not Sure
5. So green. Ireland?

Oh I am a baaad guesser. Sitting next to Carto on this puppy fo sho. I bet that'll be a perfect score.

Michael5000 said...

Now, here come the answers:

1. Turkey. If I was cleverer, that would be a Thanksgiving joke. But no.

2. North and South Korea. It's either a shocking indictment of North Korea's failed experiment in Stalinism, or a shocking expose of the needless energy consumption of the developed world, or something. How 'bout that floodlit DMZ?

3. Panama with pretty clouds.

4. It's Uruguay, to the north of the muddy estuary of the Parana. Although, it's possible you could see Tours de Sur in there, too...

5. Singapore

6. The Republic of Ireland.

Michael5000 said...

We got us five winners:

DrSchnell nabs his 18th E.P., locking himself in a death-struggle tie for first place atop the MQ all-time leaderboard!

Cartophiliac, la gringissima, and Karmasartre take their 15th, 13th, and 12th Exclaimation Points apiece; they are fourth, fifth, and sixth on the all-time chart.

And Gus takes home his 4th E.P.!

Michael5000 said...

@Serendipity: I like 'em too.

@Jenners: I sound like I must have been great fun to be around.

@DrSchnell: I don't mind telling you or anyone that "Panama" is among my favorite pop rock gems of all time. I am happy -- happy! -- to have it stuck in my head. I can barely see the road from the heat coming off of it!

@Fingers: I was very fond of your answers.

@Kadonk: I think they must look at maps a lot.

@mydog: If Garfield the Cat taught us anything, it is that Monday was never easy.

@boo: You picked a winner!