Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Monday Quiz LIII

Great Composers

Only 15 days until Beethoven's Birthday!

1. This German composer:

…was the subject of this 1986 hit movie:

2. This Russian composer:

…wrote this famous ballet:

3. This German composer:

…is the reason we think of opera as looking like this:

4. This American composer:

…wrote this famous ballet:

5. This man:

is the most famous composer to have come from this country:

Submit your answers in the comments.


Cartophiliac said...

1. Mozart, Amadeus
2. Tchaikovsky (or some spelling variation) wrote The Nutcracker
3. Wagner
4. Copeland
5. Some guy from Finland

Anonymous said...

1 W.A. Mozart (movie is Amadeus, I think)

2 Pyotr Illich Tchaikovskii

3 Wagner of the well-lunged sopranos

4 Aaron Copeland

5 Jan Sibelius

d said...

woody allen/i dance funny someday
old finnish baldy

Christine M. said...

Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Copeland, Sibelius

Rex Parker said...


star me!


Jenners said...

Damn...I thought I had a good shot at this until the last one....

1. Mozart
2. Tchaichovsky (spelled wrong I'm sure)
3. Wagner
4. Leonard Bernstein
5. F*ck Ifiknow (little known composer but has some great stuff)

Anonymous said...

1 / Mozart / Amadeus
2 / Tsaichovsky / The Nutcacker
3 / Wagner
4 / Copeland
5 / Sibelius / Finlandia

Elizabeth said...

1. Mozart, and the movie is Amadeus.

2. Tchaikovsky, and the ballet is The Nutcracker.

3. Wagner, and isn't that what opera looks like? It ain't over ...

4. Copland, and the ballet is Appalachian Spring.

5. Sibelius, from Finland.

Anonymous said...

1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; "Amadeus".
2. NO way am I going to be able to spell this correctly... Tchchovsky; "Nutcracker Suite"
3. Let's see -- Mahler? Ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.
4. Total guess -- Copeland, "Appalachian Spring"?
5. No clue. Bad form throwing in geography on a friendly music quiz.

MJ said...

1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2. Tchaikowsky
no idea... Petruschka? (probably not even from this composer)
3. Wagner
some Walkiria
4. ups, don't know him... nor that ballet
5. Sibelius
why so many ballets?? it's not fair!

Anonymous said...

1 OK, the composer was Mozart, and the movie Amadeus, but wasn't he really Austrian? 'Cuz, like, I've been to Salzburg, and they seriously claim him, and hold music festivals and put his picture on chocolates and everything. And I know political boundaries have changed since then and all, but I don't think of him as "German."
2 Tchaikovsky, the Nutcracker.
3 Wagner. Now THAT'S German. (Unless you're inattentive for two seconds while reading a crossword puzzle clue, and forget to say VOGner, and your husband jumps all over you for sounding like a yokel. Not that this an appropriate forum for dredging up such petty grievances or anything.)
4 Copland, Appalachian Spring.
5 Sibelius of Finland. The Alvar Aalto of classical music.

Ben said...

1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ("Wolfie")--movie is "Amadeus"
2. Tchaikovsky--ballet is "The Nutcracker"
3. Wagner--opera from the Ring cycle?
4. Aaron Copland (my favorite)--is the ballet "Rodeo?" Or maybe "Billy the Kid?"
5. Jean Sibelius, famous for "Finlandia" (that's Finland)

DrSchnell said...

1. Mozart, "Amadeus"
2. Tchaikovsky, "The Nutcracker"
3. Wagner
4. Aaron Copland, "Rodeo" ?
5. Sibelius, Finland

DrSchnell said...

My addendum to number 3:
"Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!! Kill the waaaabit!!!!"

Go on, admit it, this is what first comes to your mind when hearing Wagner......

Morgan said...

1. Mozart
2. Tchaikovsky
3. Someone
4. Aaron Copeland
5. Lex Luther

Michael5000 said...

1. Mozart. The movie is "Amadeus," of course.
2. Tchaikovsky. The ballet is "The Nutcracker."
3. Wagner.
4. Copland. The ballet is "Appalachian Spring," but whatevs. It's a composer quiz.
5. Sibelius

Michael5000 said...

A veritable FLURRY of Exclaimation Points ensues! With such winners as gs49, la gringissima, Rex Parker, karmaSartre, Elizabeth, Mrs.5000, Ben, and DrSchnell.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this.

Tereza said...

mrs. 5000, I was going to say that about Mozart being Austrian.... yes. Amadeus is one of my all time favorite movies, btw. I've watched it like 5 times... A lot of it was filmed in Prague...

Michael5000 said...

Mozart was a subject of the Hapsburg Empire all right, and lived in the parts that would become modern Austria in 1919. He certainly wasn't a "German" in the sense of a citizen of Germany, since Germany wouldn't exist for almost a half century after he died. But -- with apologies to Austrian patriots -- it is not unusual to refer to him, or to the entire German-speaking Neoclassical cultural and especially musical scene that extended south into Salzburg and Vienna, as "German."

Anonymous said...

OK, OK, Mozart was German in the larger sense. It's not like I was coveting a big purple asterisk or anything. OK, I was. Coveting. A big purple asterisk.