Friday, April 1, 2011

April Madness: The Flags of the Forgotten Lands Tournament!

Which flag of the Forgotten Lands will emerge triumphant?  Pick your favorites now and be ready to cast your votes throughout April as all 16 flags go head to head on VexillophiliaThe Life and Times of Michael5000, and the home page of The North American Flag and Seal Society!!.

First Round Schedule

April 4: East Regional, Round 1
April 5: South Regional, Round 1
April 7: North Regional, Round 1
April 8: West Regional, Round 1

Second Round Schedule

April 11: East Regional, Round 2
April 12: South Regional, Round 2
April 14: North Regional, Round 2
April 15: West Regional, Round 2


Morgan said...

I like the title of the document for download: most of these flags look like they were designed by fools, and it is statistically likely that at least one of them was designed in April.

I digress. My bracket prediction is here:

Of course, I expect upsets and Cinderella stories during this tournament. Without seals-on-blue, the flag selection is much more diverse.

Michael5000 said...

I can't believe you're taking Zagria all the way to the Big Show. Cinderella Story indeed.

Elaine said...

I assume you are pleased that I was idiot enough to try and print up the bracket.....then saw the document title.

You know what people always tell me? "No one likes a smart-ass."

Aviatrix said...

I'm kind of relieved at Elaine's discovery. While I'd be willing to vote on the Forgotten Lands' flags, I'm kind of flagged out right now.

Michael5000 said...

Yeah, well, think how ~I~ feel.

Morgan said...

You feel like you secretly want to do more flags.