Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Bear Chronicles

A Refreshing Mountain Creek
The Colorado Rockies
2009 if memory serves


Kate said...

This is my favorite bear picture so far.

Elaine said...

Did Mrs.5000 know about this bear when she married you? That it would be going everywhere with you? All The Time?

Just sayin'...

mrs.5000 said...

You bet I knew about Cinnamon Bear!

What I couldn't know about was the blogging!

Elaine said...

Our son's 'Winnie' (a gift on his first birthday from his aunt) is still extant, but still lives with the aging parents. Perhaps I can make a case for The Return of the Bear--after all, Winnie once got first prize as 'Most-loved Bear.'

I don't have any bears on MY blog, but the green herons are pretty cool!