Sunday, April 24, 2011

Your Sunday Boring Postcard from Michael5000

Pickwick Dam and Lock is 206.7 miles upstream from the mouth of the Tennessee River and 52.7 miles downstream from Wilson Dam and creates a navigation channel for that distance.  Pickwick Lake, above the dam, has created a wonderland of scenic beauty and unlimited opportunity for water sports.  Pickwick Dam is 113 feet high, 7,715 feet long and its powerhouse has an installed capacity of 216,000 kw.  It was built 1935-1938 and a modern traffic bridge was opened 1963.  Resort centers and cities nearby are Shiloh National Park and Cemetary, Savannah, Selmer, Counce, Adamsville, Parsons and Lexington in Tennessee and Corich and Iuka in Mississippi.

Provenance: Gift of Mrs.5000, Christmas 2010.


mrs.5000 said...

Oh, how I love a good dam postcard.

Elaine said...

Dam, that's boring. What Were They Thinking?????