Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Wednesday Quiz is infallible, mostly

Before we go any further with this online enterprise, I'm afraid I have some... well... unpleasantness to report.

It has to do with the "C" Quiz of last Wednesday.  In that entertaining challenge, you might remember, you were presented with the following query:

I subsequently provided the correct answer in my usual prompt and efficient manner:

And everything was fine.  Everybody was happy.  People went forward with their lives, content in the knowledge that the Wednesday Quiz had run its weekly cycle.


Until Monday afternoon, when I found this threatening message lingering like a foul smell in my comment approval tab:

Well, naturally, my first concerned thought was to let legendary L&TM5K Dork-Emeritus-for-Life G know that someone was using her online identity for malicious purposes.

To my horror, she made a brazen attempt at extortion!

She should have known that there's no way for an honest blogger like me to come up with that kind of scratch.  Which is why I'm telling you this.  I want you to get the story straight, from me, and not from some power-addled, money-hungry student of Art History.  You deserve that much.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention that the Manhattan resident who generally answers the Quiz by postcard -- I think you know who you are -- gets a little bonus credit for the sentence "Gosh, I thought it was a lot too beautiful & serene to be Caravaggio." Apparently, it was.

Tomorrow: The Wednesday Quiz!  Now with more or less accurate answers!


G said...

Well, you got the "money-hungry student of Art History" part right, at least. Let's not forget that you started with bribery ("What needs to happen to make it 'go away'?")--I was only responding in kind. TURNCOAT.

Michael5000 said...


mrs.5000 said...

I want to know how such an alarming mistake could have been made in the first place, and make sure new safeguards are put in place to ensure it never happens again.

Furthermore, I think you owe us a post on Caravaggio v. Correggio: Know the Difference! Because, well, I did think it seemed a little nicey-nice for Caravaggio, but I was unsure of myself, and Correggio never occurred to me. And the text referred to...Caravaggio, I think? But how can we trust you?!

margaret said...

How the mighty have fallen.

Elaine said...

It really HAS been a long time since that art history class.....double tsk!

G said...

A perfect example of the necessity of the INTERROBANG!‽

Aviatrix said...

I second the demand for a post differentiating between the two.

Michael5000 said...

As if Mrs.5000's wish wasn't my command‽‽‽