Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Wednesday Quiz in England is generally given to horses!


The weekly game of knowledge, intuition, inductive reasoning, and willingness to risk public embarrassment in a friendly and moderately supportive environment!!

Answers come out Fridayish, or when somebody reminds me.

1. What character said:
There's a daisy: I would give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died: they say he made a good end....
2. What country is this?

3. What's that word that means "forcing the audience to see common things in an unfamiliar or strange way, in order to enhance perception of the familiar?"  Sure, it's a tough question, but let's get one out there for the lit majors!

4. What is made from this recipe?
4.0 cl. Bourbon, Scotch or Rye whiskey
1 sugar cube
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 splash soda water
5. What is shown in this here schematic diagram?

6. He hid the hundred prophets from the persecution of Jezebel, and comes between Amos and Jonah.  Who is he?

7. What's that word, beloved of philosophers, that means "relating to that which actually is," as opposed to that which we know?

8. What very large city is.... here?

9. What did Samuel Johnson say 'in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people?'

10. The lex parsimoniae is the idea that when you've got competing hypothesis, the one that makes the fewest new assumptions is the most likely. What do we usually call this idea in English?


Put your answers in the comments with one splash soda water.  


Elaine said...

Maybe this one is going to be my ZERO.

1. Hamlet?
2. Somalia? I realize I should know this. Eritrea? Oman?
3. Hallucinating?
4. highball?
5. ha ha ha Helium?
6. Hosea (I know that's wrong, but I had to make up all of my answers)
7. epistomology?
8. Nagoya?
9. Haggis?
10. Occam's Razor

I don't like to whine, but isn't this one kind of sadistic? The level of difficulty is pretty severe. (This is my jeremaid; guess where that word comes from.)

gS49 said...

1 O*****
2 Oman
3 Obfuscation? I donno!
4 Old Fashioned
5 Oxygen
6 Obediah
7 objective
8 Osaka
9 Oats
10 Occam's razor

Dug said...

1. Othello?
2. Oh-man! I can't think of it. O-man! it's at the tip of my tongue. Oman! I give up.
3. I've heatd it called "breaking your eye open" but that doesn't fit so I'll go with "Openeyeway"
4. Old fashioned indigestion
5. Oxygen
6. Oliver Twist
7. Occlusion
8. Osaka
9. Oatios
10. Ooh that's a good idea

I guess it's too early in the morning for a quiz.

lamanyana said...

1. Ophelia
2. Oman?
3. not Ontamotepoeia (If I spelled that right I should get half a point, though.)
4. an Old Fashioned
5. Oxygen
6. Obediah? (The only Old-Testemantish name I could think of starting with "O".)
7. Ontological
8. Osaka
9, Oats
10. Occam's Razor

Elizabeth said...

1. Ophelia
2. Oman
3. *
4. Old-Fashioned
5. Oxygen
6. Obadaiah
7. *
8. Osaka
9. Oats/Oatmeal
10. *

* In a reversal of the norm, I seem to have gotten all of the facts-based questions, while drawing blanks on the ephemerals. I must have been overwhelmed at the thought of the obsessive research required to put together this omnibus of obscure items. You'll need an oculist to help your eyes recover after this odyssey through the reference materials - but that's just my opinion.

mrs.5000 said...

1 Ophelia
2 Oman. Or is it Muscat and Oman?
3 Wow, there's a word for that? Cool! Oopsy-daisieing?
4 sounds old-fashioned
5 oxygen, I bet. (And I was going to say ort cloud.)
6 Obadiah
7 ontological?
8 Osaka
9 oats
10 Occam's razor

Eavan said...

Darn, this is hard.

1. Sounds so so familiar. I've read this for sure. Well, it's a girl, anyway.

2. I cheated and looked at my map of the world on the wall.

3. Sounds like a fun technique.

4. :sob:

5. Hello, Element of the Year! How's life been treating you since your big success? Are the paparazzi getting to you yet?

6. Nguh

7. Ontological

8. Osaka!

9. Mairzy dOATS and dozy dOATS and so do Scots and Eavans. :]

10. Ockham's Razor (or Occam's)

Ben said...

I considered not answering this time, since I can only guess at a paltry few of them. Oh well, that hasn't stopped me before!

1. Ophelia
3. Obfuscation
5. Oxygen
8. Osaka
9. Oats

Michael5000 said...

This one is probably a little harder, but not by design. Vowels just tend to make for a tougher quiz. Well, that and my fondness for the concept of ostranenie.

Eavan said...

Oh, it's Russian! That's interesting. Didn't know there were any literary theory borrowings from Russian.

mhwitt said...

Am I too late?

1. Ophelia
2. Oman
3. Ostricization? Not likely.
4. Old fashion. Could use one now!
5. Oxygen?
6. Ohshitabrick
7. Objectivism
8. Osaka
9. Oats
10. Ocham's Razor. Not sure how to spell "Ocham."

Aviatrix said...

Yay! Quiz!

1. Ophelia - 'cause it begins with an O, and her father died.
2. Oman - bang, my geography is just that good.
3. OMG Science Fiction. If you'd asked about the word for belly-button contemplation I'd have a chance. Omphatophomatria or something.
4. Ooooh, I don't know any O-drinks, except Old-Fashioned, but I think that's lemonadey. But then I don't know what angostira bitters are. Maybe they're lemony. Or maybe I'm just getting interference from Old-Fashioned brand lemonade.
5. Oxygen atom - I can count to eight on my fingers. I might even remember how sp3 hybridization works.
6. Onan - I'm just hoping he did something else than what he's famous for. Too bad that's not the act they named after him.
7. Ontological - The word just came to me, something philosophers say. It doesn't mean anything to me, though.
8. Osaka - Begins with O. Large. In Japan. That's all I got.
9. Oats - Scotland, land of my ancestors. I still eat oatmeal for breakfast every chance I get.
10. Occam's Razor - I so wanted to put the #6 guy here. So inappropriate.

Fingers crossed for getting points.

Aviatrix said...

Also Elizabeth should get a point for her comment.

Aviatrix said...

Also it might be time for the distribution of answers and points. Is it raining there?

Eavan said...

It's raining on and off, with breaks for gorgeous sunshine.

I looked up the answers and will share them for the impatient.

1. Ophelia
2. Oman
3. Ostraenie
4. An Old Fashioned
5. Oxygen
6. Obadiah
7. Couldn't get a lock on this one
8. Osaka
9. Oats
10. Occam's Razor

Michael5000 said...

Oh, crap, did I forget again? Well, like my aide-de-camp Eavan says, with #7 being Ontological.

Aviatrix said...

I got eight!
I act like I'm eight years old!
I have eight fingers and two thumbs!

Eavan said...

And except that I mistyped ostranenie.