Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quarterly Report to the Shareholders, Winter/Spring 2011, part II


So why in God's name, you may be saying, does he think we would want to read about his exercise regime? A fair question, and the answer is, he doesn't. But part of the function of this here blog is to keep me honest in my various plans, projects, and resolutions, so a certain amount of tedious self-disclosure is built into the system. Diehard fans may be amused with the compulsive nature of the recordkeeping.


So: During January, February, and March, I ran 150.4 miles, including one organized race. This is beautifully and precisely on pace for my "advanced" goal of running 600 miles for the year. This is especially encouraging since we are only just now starting to move into the running-friendly half of the year, with less rain and more light. During the winter, after all, running is largely confined to weekends and holidays:

Running Mileage by Day of Week, Jan - March 2011
That pie chart will start to even out a bit in the spring, as more running happens after work on weekdays.

Meanwhile, a subsidiary goal for 2011 was to have at least a four-mile minimum for every date of the month.  No worries: I already have 20 of 31 dates picked off; 2 dates have sub-four minima and 9 don't have a 2011 minima yet.  Not bad at all.

And of course I continue to enjoy filling in my "box" of streets.

As the grid fills, my routes are increasingly odd...

...and require considerable pre-planning.

All part of the fun.


At 92.03 miles for the quarter, I am obviously well behind pace for the basic goal of a 1000-mile year.  I'm not too worried about that, though, as cycling is extremely seasonal; I'm thinking of the near-100 miles as a good symbolic start to the year.

One of the subsidiary biking goals was to have "all-time" minima of at least 10 miles for every day of the month.  Although I set five new date records during the quarter, however, only one boosted the minimum from under 10 to over 10 (three were new records of under 10 miles; one was a boost to a record that was already over 10).  This is kid stuff, but I'm happy to say that only the 15th has no minimum at all at this point, although the 12th has a decidedly soft "all-time" record of 0.6 miles.

The other subsidiary biking goal was to set new records for monthly mileage for at least nine months this year.  This one is off to a robust start, as I broke records for January (27.34 beats the old record of 5), February (49.49 breaks the old record of, um, zero), and March (15.2 beats the old record of 11).  Obviously, there is a lot of flab still to work through in the biking spreadsheet.

Caffeine and Cola

After two months off the sauce, I readdicted myself to caffeine in February.


I remain plateaued at just barely under 200 pounds.  Disenchantment with my gym means I am not weighing myself regularly, and I think this makes a difference.  This suggests a behavior modification that might help.


I continue to successfully avoid the consumption of tomatoes.

Dr. Who

My Dr. Who watching has advanced one year to May 1965, still well within the tenure of the "First Doctor," William Hartnell. A rather magnificent Dr. Who spreadsheet has been constructed to ensure proper adherence to project parameters.  Practicalities have reduced the scope of the endeavor somewhat, however, and I am no longer attempting to view the entire corpus.  Instead, I will be watching the more modest body of Dr. Who work that is contained in the collection of my local library, or that I am otherwise able to get my hands on without significant expenditure of effort or treasure.


Any questions from the floor may be posed at this time.


Yankee in England said...

Your Pie Chart made my day, it ALMOST made me want to start a spreadsheet for my daily pedometer information but since I am barley keeping up with my picture a day project, keeping a food journal, and all my crochet projects I feel that I would be setting myself up for failure. Maybe one day in the future when Madame sleeps through the night on a regular basis I can add a spreadsheet to the mix.

The Calico Cat said...

Did my cookies get lost in the mail?

Jennifer said...

I love that Dr. Who falls under your exercise regime.