Friday, November 28, 2014

Michael5000's Post of Thanksgiving 2014

Gratitude: a five-minute drill. No intangibles like "friends" or "family" or "my health" or "a sense of wonder," because, boring!

1. Agricola

2. Sibelius

3. Audiobooks

4. Running shoes that actually prevent injury

5. Basic Instructions

6. Old-school detective fiction

7. Serious literature

8. The sewing machine

9. The Aubrey/Maturin Novels
It was strange to see how quickly this progress took on the nature of ordinary existence: the Surprise had not run off a thousand miles before the unvarying routine of the ship’s day, from the piping up of the hammocks to the drumbeat of Heart of Oak for the gunroom dinner, thence to quarters and the incessently repeated exercising of the guns, and so to the setting of the watch, obliterated both the beginning of the voyage and its end, it obliterated even time, so that it seemed normal to all hands that they should travel endlessly over this infinite and wholly empty sea, watching the sun diminish and the moon increase.
10. Mozart


How about you?


Christine M. said...

Heat in my apartment, three goofy cats, coffee, rice cookers, Dick Blick/Utrecht educators' discounts, chorizo tacos, and no longer having a uterus.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the shoe recommendation!

Michael5000 said...

C.M.: A fine list!

E: I unreservedly recommend the Ghost line of running shoes, for my feet!

chuckdaddy said...

Other than the Infinite Art Tournament? (Only kind of joking.)