Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Wednesday Post

Hello to you from Colorado
Hunting, Fishing, Horseback riding, and Scenic Jeep Tours arranged.
Plus Booze!

This beautiful landmark of Downtown Denver pays homage to the early pioneer and settler of the Colorado Territory.

Hello to you from Colorado & my vacation trip.  It's lovely here, & good weather too.  Went to the mts. for a picnic lunch and saw snow -- cold!  Fine too.  Hope you have had a good summer.

Regards, Jessie May H.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
From left to right in the background are Taylor Peak, Andrews Glacier, Hallet Peak, Tyndall Glacier, and Flattop Mountain.
Union Pacific Railroad Colorphoto

Hi Gang

The country out here is fantastic.  The first night of camping in the mts. @ 10,000 ft the temperature droped at night to 18 above.  Glad I had a double sleeping bag with me.  Plus Booze


p.s. We're heading Southwest!

Highway 40 S, Glenwood Canyon
Colorado River near Glenwood Springs, Colo.

Dear Mr. Jones,

I thought I would write you a line from out here in Colorado.  It's nice to be home again.  Thanks for showing us the VibraHarp and the Carillon controls, etc.  The Fair certainly was wonderful.

Sincerely, Kenneth Tillstson

Am sending this in a letter as it will be more sure in getting to you.

Ouray, Colo.
2 blocks West of U.S. Highway 550
Phone 325-4531
Attractive motel with 22 units, some kitchens.  Hot water heat, combination baths.  A quiet, cool location with beautiful view of the mountains at an elevation of 7706.  Sundecks, playground and picnic area available.  Hunting, Fishing, Horseback riding, and Scenic Jeep Tours arranged.  Your hosts Ray and Joyce Scoggins.

Deer Park, Ca  5-4-79

They bought a house.

Dear Harriette,

Ed & I will arrive at Aurora, Thursday, May 10 at 1 p.m.  Bruce will meet us.  Monday at 6:30 p.m. we leave for Los Angeles by train.  Would you send a card to Bruce.  I could see you Mon p.m.  No meals.  Love, Lois

Aerial View of Denver, Colo.

Saturday a.m.

Hello to you from beautiful Colorado.  I have been having a wonderful time going to "special places." This is my first trip without my sister who died in December, and I miss her very much.

I hope you are well and enjoying each day.  I go home next week.

Best regards,
Jessie May Hamilton

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