Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Infinite Art Tournament, Round FOUR: Leonardo da Vinci v. Lissitzky!

The Infinite Art Tournament always feels a sense of occasion when two artists enter the exalted heights of Fourth-Round competition!

Leonardo da Vinci
1452 - 1519
  • Pounded Sir Peter Lely in Round 1.
  • Skunked Stanley William Hayter in Round 2.
  • Beat the Limbourg Brothers in Round 3 by a two-vote swing. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!

El Lissitzky
1890 - 1941

  • Defeated 15th century German Stefan Lochner in Round 1.
  • Got all modern on Fra Filippo Lippi in Round 2.
  • Beat famous photographer Ansel Adams in Round 3.

Vote for the artist of your choice in the comments, or any other way that works for you. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. Fourth-round matches are open for at least three months after posting.


Christine M. said...

da Vinci, though I do like El Lissitzky.

Nichim said...

What Christine said.

Morgan said...


pfly said...

da da da dum Vinci

boonec1974 said...

I'm a big fan of Lissitzky, but I guess this da Vinci character is famous for a reason. His art is awesome! A vote for da Vinci.

Ben said...

da Vinci

mrs.5000 said...

another vote for the da big Vinci!

DrSchnell said...

Lissitsky, just because I feel bad for him about having to go up against the big L.

Michael5000 said...

Susan says "Leonardo though I'm actually sorry to vote against Lissitzky."

Michael5000 said...

Yeah, I wish Lissitzky every good fortune in the Left Bracket. Leonardo for this one.

Elliott said...

Da Vinci

Candida said...

Da Vinci here, but respect to Lissitzky.