Thursday, February 16, 2017

Third Thursday Semi-Finals: Hals v. Hammershoi!

Third Thursday: Bringing big names to your mid-month!

"Semifinals" designates the Fourth to Seventh Rounds of the Infinite Art Tournament.  This is a Left Bracket Fourth Round Elimination Match.  It's the first pairing at this level to witness a GRUDGE MATCH, as Franz Hals (4-1, 35-24, .593) and Wilhelm Hammershoi (6-1, 59-27, .686) meet again three years, one month, and two days after their initial encounter.  Hals won the first time, so under the Grudge Match Rule Hammershoi needs to win outright to stay in the Tournament.  A tie would revert to Hals by virtue of the previous win.

Leaving the Tournament at their hands are two very well known artists, El Greco (4-2-1, 44-38, .537) and Giotto (3-2, 27-28, .491).  It's a rough business, this Tournament.

Frans Hals
1581 - 1666
  • Outpaced American Philip Guston Round 1.
  • Edged out the great Dane Wilhelm Hammershoi in Round 2 by a single vote. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!
  • Laid a beating on Childe Hassam, even though everybody LIKES Childe Hassam, in Round 3.
  • Upset by Atkinson Grimshaw in Round 4.
  • Beat El Greco in the Left Bracket Fourth Round by a single vote. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!

Wilhelm Hammershoi
1864 - 1916


Christine M. said...


DrSchnell said...


Morgan said...


Unknown said...

Hals, his work seems happier.

boonec1974 said...

I'm just not a fan of the Hals and his greasy-faced people. A vote for the Hammershoi and despondency in general.

Michael5000 said...

Susan votes for Hammershoi.

Candida said...

Wow, I could go either way. I'm going Hals, though, for unclear reasons.

Vermont MEP said...

It's a bleak, rainy day here in VT, so I vote Hammershoi.
And I'm signed in to the wrong account but it's me, Nichim/Sarah, in case you are tracking who votes how.

Nichim said...

Hammershoi on a bleak gray day

Michael5000 said...

Hals on a rare sunny day. The first picture is one of my favorites. I think it's amazing that there's a record of people from so many generations ago that I feel like "oh, yeah, I'd enjoy those people if we met on a train. Er, wagon."

pfly said...


mrs.5000 said...

Hmmm. I'm torn, but I'll go with Hals.

Michael5000 said...

Hammershoi wins! The quiet Dane takes down the rowdy Dutch master, seven votes to four, and will proceed to a Fifth Round match against Casper Friedrich. Hals leaves us with a very respectable 4-2 record, and presumably gets back to the party.