Monday, July 27, 2009

How Well Do You Know Me?

See, I don't really like signing up for Facebook applications. But if everyone else gets to have a "How Well Do You Know Me?" Quiz, I want one too. Mine's True/False.

Note: You are not allowed to take this quiz if you are married to me.

1. I have read Marcel Proust's "Rememberance of Things Past" -- although, regretably, only in translation -- from start to finish. Three times.

2. When I was 20, I wanted to join the local symphony so badly that I copied commercial recordings and submitted them as my audition tapes. I was accepted but was instantly found out at my first practice -- one of the most humiliating moments of my life -- and politely but firmly asked to leave.

3. My high school girlfriend is now married to Bill Gates' nephew.

4. I was nuts about ATVs until I flipped one several years back and broke my leg. I sold it the next day and haven't been back on an ATV since.

5. Unlike most kids raised on a farm, I never got used to the idea of slaughtering animals; this is why I'm a vegetarian today.

6. I was arrested, though never charged, for aggressively heckling then candidate George Bush Sr. at a University of Oregon campus campaign stop in 1988.

7. During my three-year career as a college professor, I was voted campus teacher of the year twice.

8. I applied for and was offered a position at the Naval Academy; however, having discovered pacifism during my senior year of high school, I then declined to attend.

9. I am fascinated by diplomacy and usually spend a couple of hours every week on the State Department website, checking out communiques and policy statements.

10. I am the "dungeon master" for a large group of (mostly closeted) role game enthusiasts; we meet twice a month, and play until well after midnight.

Monday Night Weigh-In!

Fitness-Type Activities Engaged in this week: none, really, although I rode my bike to work every day. Still slowly mulling whether I want to join a gym.

Diet-Type Activities: PRO: In general, I've been eating slightly smaller portions, without much snacking. The heat, which discourages exercise, also suppresses appetite. Also, good veggie intake this week. Including tomatos! CON: Mrs.5000 feels, correctly, that I'm taking in too many coffee sugarbombs.

Weight: 210.2 lbs, which is -.4 lbs from last week. I can't tell you where it is relative to plan, because I haven't redone my plan yet. NOTE: Yes, having a "plan" is silly. But it's how I roll.


sister jen said...

1 no
2 no
3 could be
4 no
5 no
6 no
7 no
8 what the??!!??
9 yes
10 um, hope not?

I know some important stuff this quiz doesn't get to, of course...

Elaine said...

1. I certainly hope not!
2. Just cannot believe this
3. Hmmm, okay!
4. I'm just not in the mood to say, NO
5. Okay, sounds more likely
6. I hope this is true
7. That's cute...I want a Yes here
8. Mmmm, no. Turn down free education? (Most armed services folk are pacifists--trust me!)
9. This sounds dorky enough to be so
10. Say it ain't so....even if I think it is a Yes

What about Tomato Masochism? Where's THAT question?

fingerstothebone said...

I'm quite certain that you're unknowable.

Elizabeth said...

1. Yes, I expect so.
2. No - you have musical aspirations but not criminally so.
3. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon - sure, why not?
4. Yes, I could see this.
5. Yes, definitely.
6. No, you're mild-mannered Clark Kent.
7. Yes, I believe you would be.
7a. Unless your quizzes were too hard ...
8. No, I think you wouldn't have applied in the first place, then.
9. While I am tempted by the ubergeekiness of this one, no, I don't think you do.
10. However, this - while also being ubergeeky - is probably true.

Eversaved said...

Summer has me all screwed up and I woke up this morning ready for the Monday quiz. I thought this was it. Then I scrolled down and realized that I had missed it altogether. Sad!
2-no. But only because I'm guessing that the symphony would have you come in and sightread before hiring you...
3-yes, why not.
6-no...that would be SO cool though..
I read once that not taking a quiz because you aren't sure of the answers is chickenly, so.

The Calico Cat said...

I have no idea so I will go with my fall back, all of the answers that I do not know for sure are "no's" - my secret is out! (You see, I flew all the way to Portland to have someone flake...)

sister jen said...

Clarification: #8 ("What the??!!?), having slept on it, I'm gonna go with yes. Can I do that?

mhwitt said...

1. Repeated reader of "Rememberance of Things Past": Nah.
2. Symphony audition fraud: Nah.
3. Old squeeze is not neice-in-law to King Gates: Nah.
4. ATV "break a leg": Nah.
5. Farm boy eats no meat: Nah.
6. Bush heckling arrest: No, that was me.
7. Teach of the year: I'd like to think Yes, but we seem to be on a Nah theme. So I'm going nah.
8. New Cadet Handley: Nah.
9. State Department website fanboy: Nah.
10. D&D Mastery: Nah.

I seem to have concluded that you are a big time liar. Makes me wonder.

Ben said...

Wow! A Tuesday quiz!

1. I believe it.
2. Nah.
3. Sure, why not?
4. Nuh-uh.
5. True. And the possiblility of sentience.
6. As much as you may have wanted to, I don't think you would be that rude. Did Bush senior even visit U of O in '88? I don't remember him doing so.
7. I can believe this one, but I wonder if your modesty would allow you to boast of it here. Therefore, I'm answering no.
8. Ummmm. OK.
9. Sure.
10. Oh what the heck. Yes.

Dug said...

I think the whole stinkin' thing's a pack of lies. Except for maybe the weigh in stuff which seems somehow much more genuine. If #9 is in fact true then I've greatly underestimated your dork cred.

Anonymous said...

No to all.

DrSchnell said...

1. False
2. Rubbish
3. sure, why not
4. rubbish
5. you, a farm boy! That's rich! Nope.
6. probably true
7. nope
8. nope
9. Nerdy enough that it's probably true
10. true

Michael5000 said...

1. Proust -- No, I've never read a word of Proust.

2. No, I've never contemplated joining a symphony.

3. No, my high school girlfriend is shacked up with a guy who seems very nice but who has no wealthy connections as far as I know.

4. No. ATVs? Not my style.

5. I'm a quasi-vegetarian, but I didn't grow up on a farm.

6. No, as Ben says, I'm far too polite to heckle in person.

7. I did have a three-year career as a college professor, but I certainly wasn't voted campus teacher of the year. Truth is, I kind of sucked at it.

8. It never would have occurred to me to have applied to a military academy.

9. No. It's not the State Department that I haunt, but the National Transportation Safety Board.

10. I haven't been a dungeon master since, hmm, 1981 or so. But I still have my twenty-sided dice!

Michael5000 said...

So, let's see:

sister jen knows me 70%.

Elaine knows me 40%.

fingerstothebone, in comprending the depths of my inscrutability, ironically knows me perhaps better than I know myself.

Elizabeth and Eversaved knows me 40%.

Calico Cat knows me 100%; it's a quilter thing.

mhwitt, with the advantage of having shared apartments with me, knows me 100%.

Ben knows me 50%.

Dug, with the advantage of having shared a house with me, knows me 100%.

Critical Bill knows me through and through as well.

DrSchnell, with the advantage of having shared a house with me, knows me 60%.

Elaine said...

Sixty per cent of the time I never suspected that you would make ALL of them up! Silly me!

Rebel said...

somehow I figured these would all be "no"s =P

Michael5000 said...

@Reb: Somehow you know me 100%!

The Calico Cat said...

I can smell balderdash thousands of miles away!

Jenners said...

Very interesting quiz ... I was thinking to myself "either they are all false or all true."