Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Renaissance Man Grand Opening Crosspost

The Life & Times is very proud to welcome the newest member of the michael5000 family of bloggage!!! That's right -- in addition to adventures in quilting, Bible study, and, um, whatever happens on this one, michael5000 is now taking on one of the greatest names in English Literature!! You won't want to miss the grand opening of...

Renaissance Man

michael5000 Reads Shakespeare

...or, maybe you will. I dunno.

Anyway, here's the link.


Elaine said...

Wait-- I was already there! No wonder I was thinking, "How did I miss this one?" Wow. (Bows in awe...but keeps in mind that M5000 makes a LOT of stuff up!)

d said...

jesus, dude. don't you have enough on the internets already?

p.s. i took the quiz. i don't know you at all.

Eversaved said...

A certain mutual acquaintance once described you as, "Blogger Extraordinaire," but I had no idea.

After reading the Bible, reading Shakespeare, quilting, working (presumably), eating tomatoes, creating quizzes, and blogging about all of the above, do you sleep?! Do you eat foods that are not tomatoes?