Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Thursday Quiz Ninth Season Wrap-Up!

But first! I was highly negligent after TQLXXXIX not to introduce two new Quiz Legends! That was the Opera Plots Quiz, in which fingerstothebone took the Blue and Elaine took a Green. In both cases, they assembled a complete set of TQ Stars, thus becoming the 16th and 17th contestants to reach that pinacle of achievement. There accomplishment is forever inscribed in HTML upon the Quiz Leaderboard.

Ninth Season Champions!

Taking her second consecutive season title, it's Mrs.5000. With a Gold, two Silvers, a Blue, and a Green, she put in one of two Legendary performances in this season alone.

Also with five Stars spread across the entire spectrum -- she had a pair of Greens -- la gringissima put in a powerful performance for the season's second spot.

In third place, with three Blues and a Green, its the irrepressible Eversaved!

Honorable mention to Elaine and d, with three Stars apiece, and also to Cartophiliac and Rex Parker, both of whom only collected two Stars this penultimate season -- but made sure they were both Gold ones.


mrs.5000 said...

Wow, all that bling and such wretched flops as The Car Quiz too. I'm a real walking testament to the power of determination and good attendance.

Oh, yeah, sure, sleeping with the scorekeeper, etc. etc. But I also get to glimpse how punctilious he is about his grading.

boo said...

Congrats to everyone.

I am going to pretend this is also a quiz so that I can get one perfect.

All of these are "is."


Eversaved said...

Wow, just imagine how well I might have done if I had realized before this very week that the quizzes have seasons, with season winners!

Jenners said...

Well congrats to Mrs5000 ... though I find that highly suspicious!