Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Monday Quiz LXXX

The Monday Quiz Goes to ___________!

Six to make five, this week....

1. Tall canal-side buildings are iconic of this capital city, _____________.

2. The remarkable thing about the purple area on this map is that it's ______________.

3. Have you heard of the painter of this winter landscape? He loved color and he let it show. He's ___________________.

4. What function did this machine serve, traditionally?

5. It's not Las Vegas Housing prices, but rather __________________.

6. It's the town of __________ and its famous eponymous product!

Submit your answers, and the Quiz's travel plans, in the comments.


fingerstothebone said...

1. Amsterdam
2. below sea level
3. I'm gonna guess Van Gogh
4. milling flour?
5. prices of tulips from 1636-37
6. hmmm, some kind of cheese, but what? Gouda?

Monday quiz goes to the Netherlands!

Elaine said...

What? You are going to the Netherlands without me???

1. Amsterdam
2. ?The Polder? (Reclaimed land thanks to the dikes)
3. Vincent Van Gogh
4. The windmills were ingenious pumping devices, draining water from the low replaced by newer technology. You can see a few up close still, preserved as historical and symbolic treasures.
5. The tulip bulb craze
6. Gouda? If these were red, I'd say Edam. Alkmaar remains the cheese destination I loved...
DO say that you will travel to Hoorn and visit the West Frisian museum and the harbor statues...

Cartophiliac said...

Goes to Netherlands
1. Amsterdam
2. under sea level
3. van gogh
4. pump water
5. tulip prices
6. Munster

PB said...

1. Amsterdam
2. Below sea level
3. Some Dutch guy... no clue, so Rembrandt?
4. Jousting companion for batty old knights (also impersonates [indraconates?] dragons.
5. Fall in tulip prices
6. My ignorance of Dutch painters is matched only by my ignorance of Dutch cheeses... Muenster?

The Calico Cat said...

Nederlanden! (I love that country!)
1. Amsterdam
2. below sea level
3. I'll guess Vermeer (It better not be van Gogh, I feel pretty vertain that I can pick out his brush strokes...)
4. pump
5. tulip prices
6. Gouda - my favorite (next to Edam.)
No questions about Nijmegen or Leiden? Or the Kukenhof?

Christine M. said...

Goes to Netherlands
1. Amsterdam
2. under sea level
3. van gogh
4. pump water
5. tulip prices
6. Gouda

d said...

lappland, the land of reindeer, odd hours and really cold temps

under water
van gogh
pump water
price of reindeer meat?
gouda? brie? limburger? some town that makes cheese apparently.

Eversaved said...

The Monday Quiz plans to go to The Netherlands! It should visit the two Dutch students I lived with while in Spain!
1. Amsterdam
2. That land is salvaged from the sea!
3. Van Gogh
4. pump water
5. tulip prices
6. I'm gonna guess Gouda.
PS thank you for using the word, "eponymous."

Dan Nolan said...

1. Amsterdam
2. Below sea level
3. Van Gogh
4. Harness the power of wind
5. Cost of an hour with a hooker
6. Gouda

mrs.5000 said...

The Netherlands!
1 Amsterdam
2 below sea level
3 Vincent Van Gogh
4 well, it's a windmill, but it didn't actually mill wind, or pepper or saws or rumors for that matter. I'm pretty sure they were used to grind grain into flour. Since, you know, they're short on waterfalls.
5 the price o' tulips!
6 Gouda

jovaliquilts said...

1. Amsterdam
2. below sea level
3. Van Gogh
4. grinding grain
5. Rotterdam (?? was that a date on that chart -- I don't remember much about 17th c crashes)
6. Edam
A nice visit to the Netherlands.

Kritkrat said...

Ummmmm, cheese.

Elaine said...

Oops, I misspelled Friesian.

Meanwhile, I wanted to put in a word for Arnhem, site of the largest collection of Van Gogh works (many early, obscure, etc.) The countryside there is lovely, though the city is of course modern construction.

Are you fish-eating vegetarians?

Ben said...

The Netherlands? Or is it Holland? I always get those two mixed up.

1. Copenhagen?
2. Land fill--as in, put there by humans.
3. Van Gogh?
4. It was a mill to grind grain into flour
5. Tulip bulbs
6. If only I had studied cheeses more during my time at Oasis! Emmentahl. If that's even a city or word.

Kritkrat said...

Wait, am I the only Dutch MK5000 follower?

Elaine said...

Please submit a copy of your passport, Kadonkadonk, along with verification of your species. (In the above picture, you slightly appear to be
Define "Genever"...just as a way of establishing some credibility, of course.....

mhwitt said...

1. Amsterdam
2. Those places are below sea level, I reckon.
3. Vinnie Van Gogh
4. How funny that I wouldn't really know what the wind mills are for. Here's my guess: they powered pumps to divert water.
5. Tulip prices.
6. Donut?

balaywho said...

oh yay... the Netherlands. I may actually be an authority on this one...

1. Amsterdam
2. All below sea level
3. Vangough
4. to grind grain
5. the price of Tulips
6. Gouda (one of my favorite towns, not one of my favorite cheeses, however)

mhwitt said...

Grote donuts!

Rebel said...

1. Amsterdam
2. Land reclaimed from the sea
3. Van Gogh? I've never seen this one but something about the brush strokes at the bottom look familiar
4. A windmill would function as a mill, grinding grain.
5. tulip prices
6. Edam

Michael5000 said...

Hey, I know! Let's get some answers to the Monday Quiz!!

1. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

2. It is land that is below sea level in the Netherlands.

3. Vincent Van Gogh, the greatest painter since God's Jan Vermeer. Or so we're told. He was from the Netherlands!

4. The Netherlands windmills were important in pumping water from the polders, the underwater bits. But, I'm sure some of them were used in the traditional milling-type tasks, so I'll take that answer too. Grudgingly!

5. The price of tulip bulbs in the Netherlands during one of the first well-documented speculative bubbles.

6. It is the town of Gouda, the Netherlands.

And: the Thursday Quiz goes to....

[long pause to let suspense build]


Elaine said...

Wait, wait! You mean...YOU are not going? The Quiz (disembodied, imaginary, nonfactual, nonexistent) is all that is going to the Netherlands--once the trading power of the known world?????

I am nonplussed. I am shaking my head in sadly disillusioned disappointment.

Not even any stars? Deluded and disheartened, I depart......