Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three Ways to Lose Your Partner at the Denver Cultural Center

1. Lost to History

2. Infidelity

3. Le'surrealisme


Rebel said...

At least there was no predation this year. =P

Michael5000 said...

It is admittedly a much funnier gag when there are dinosaurs.

sister jen said...

Why didn't God see fit to make me at least one twentieth as funny as you?!?

Nichim said...

Hey I went to the Denver Art Museum, and I saw that Psychedelic Experience exhibit too. And it was AT NIGHT! That thing with the bubbles you jump on to pop and it builds an image of one of the art pieces in the museum is AMAZING, and while we were looking at paintings we ran into one of the guys who designed it, and he was AWESOME. He also designed the record bins in the psychedelic lounge area that change the song you are listening to as you thumb through the records. WOW!

blythe said...

buffalo! we got those here too.

boo said...

I could use the advice on how to find a love at the museum..or anywheres.

Michael5000 said...

@sis: I had your inspiration and example, is what done it. Which is not to say I accept the premise.

@nichim: Hmm, well, we didn't actually GO to the psychodelia exhibit, we just played with its signage. I'll talk about the museum trip next week; you can file an addendum if you like!

@blythe: Buffalo? In this day and age? How rustic!

@boo: In the museum, I would suggest making insightful remarks about paintings to any attractive, intelligent members of the gender(s) of your choice who appear to be enjoying the exhibit on their own.

Actually, that's pretty similar to the best plan of attack anywhere.

I also generally encourage frustrated singles to enjoy being single and don't stress about it, unless of course you are hoping to create offspring and are on a timeline, in which case I can't relate and am probably not the best person to talk to.