Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Late Summer Loose Ends Post

Diet Cola: The Plan

After carefully and scientifically weighing the evidence concerning diet cola presented in last Friday's discussion, I have come to the following resolution:
  • I shall attempt to reduce my diet cola intake from 88 to 44 fluid ounces per day.

  • From this coming Monday to the following Sunday, I will target an interim diet cola intake level of 64 fluid ounces.

  • Road trips, movies, and restaurants don't count.

  • No adjustment shall be made to my customary weekly coffee treat.
I will periodically report back on how this is going, not out of any illusion that you could possibly care, but because doing so will help me stick to my goals (which is a big part of what this blog is about, anyway, come to think of it). Thank you for your support, assuming I have it.

The "I'm Sorry, Madonna" Single Release

Have you listened to my song yet? Well, why the hell not? It's entirely listenable! People have said so!

Seriously, many thanks to those of you who have listened and made encouraging comments. And even more thanks to those of you who have listened and kept discouraging comments to yourself!

What's Up With the Projects

Summer, the sudden recording binge, being involved with a community group, and a steady stream of guests through the Castle have all conspired to slow down the whole self-education thing. I'm about a third of the way into both of the current Reading List books, Beowulf and Dominion, but haven't made much headway this week. Also, I'm kind of behind over at Michael Reads the Bible, which no doubt is deeply distressing to all three readers of that fine blog. I haven't even made much headway with The Great Movies, what with the weather being good and all that.

So: I think, if this enterprise continues to operate in future years, I'm not going to try to do much with it in the summer. Too much other fun stuff to be doing.


I will shortly be turning forty. I know, I know, you would have guessed me at 28, but there you go. And in celebration of this turning over of the odometer, I am going to throw a biggish bash here at Castle5000. If you are a regular L&T reader and are able to make it to the City of Roses, you are definitely invited. Contact me at the obvious gmail account, and I'll give you the specific day and time, as well as directions to the Castle grounds.

I may have implied to some of you -- for instance, by presenting it as fact -- that I would be LiveBlogging the big bash. I've decided not to do this. The reason is, it wouldn't be any fun. And I prefer a certain minimum fun level in my party experience, don't you? So, if you want to get in on the action, you'll have to do it in person. See you there!


d said...

much luck with the reduction in caffeine intake. i've tried. oh how i've tried. and failed miserably every single time. so i'm resigned.

i haven't listened to the song yet. sorry. i will do so this evening. promise.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sadly, for me not you, i will most likely miss the festivities, but i hope you have fun.

Anonymous said...

Please don't say "Late Summer". Not yet, okay?

Chance said...

Thank you for your support, assuming I have it.

No. Out of pure contrary cussedness, I am now pulling for you to imbibe 176 ounces of diet cola a day. Together, we can work miracles.

Nichim said...

I do understand about summer, but I am on the edge about what happens next, though your eyes, in the Bible. My "the Koran is bedtime reading" project is not filling the gap. However, it is great training for my self-training in delayed gratification. Or perhaps more specifically, my self-training in acceptance of not being in control of when and how I am gratified by the mysterious forces of the world, such as yourself.

Tereza said...

WTF? No live blogging? What about those of us abroad unable to join you? Sure. Keep the fun all to yourself. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

I missed the first time you posted your song! I just heard it. It is very listenable and I'll be humming it for a while. I haven't listened to any music in about a month. So this was a great way to crack that open again. Nice work!

Good luck on the diet soda reduction. I am kind of curious how you will feel.

Summer ran away from me like a child playing a game of chase.

I am going to miss the party but I agree with you. There should be some level of fun. I was at one with live streaming (Ustream) vid in March, but everyone at the party took a part so the burden of running things was split and those that couldn't make it got to interact with everyone. But even with that after a while we had to let it go. Fun demanded it!