Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Monday Quiz XXXIX

American State Flags
With apologies to all you non-Americans out there, for whom this quiz is not a reasonable challenge

1. What American state does this flag represent?

2. How about this one?

3. This one?

4. This one?

5. This one?

Submit your answers in the comments.


Karin said...

This is supposed to be a reasonable challenge for me? Great. I'll sleep on it.

The Calico Cat said...

1. Tenn.
2. Colo.
3. Hawaii
4. S. Carolina
5. Ohio

Ya know there are several state flags with the state written directly on them...

d said...

'rado (i got inordinately excited to see my state's flag up there. i'm a dork.)

Elizabeth said...

I need to check your dictionary definition of "reasonable" ...

1. Confusion
2. Disarray
3. Affairs
4. the Union
5. Grace

Anonymous said...

1 / Tennessee
2 / Colorado
3 / Hawaii
4 / Georgia
5 / Pennsylvania
6 / New Oregon

Nichim said...

1. Citgo
2. Costco
3. Loyalists of Canada
4. Lebanon
5. United Wood Ducks

Anonymous said...

Finally, I made it during the day time. Very excited to not be so close to the wire.

1. Tennessee
2. Colorado
3. Hawaii
4. South Caroline
5. Ohio

But I like nichim's answers best.

Anonymous said...

1 Tennessee
2 Colorado
3 Georgia?
4 Hawaii?
5 Ohio

Dug said...

1. Tennessee
2. Colorado
3. I'm gonna guess North Carolina - then I'll look at what other people said and change my mind cause I'm fickle
4. South Carolina
5. Ohio

Rex Parker said...

awesome, I know NONE of these (OK, I know one)

1. Hmmm, looks like a mask for the horse of a Klansman, so I'm going to say Alabama.
2. California
3. New Britain? British Britainford Britstate? Let's just say Mississippi.
4. Hawaii??
5. That's not a flag, that's a pennant. That state should be ashamed of itself. I guess: Oregon.


Rex Parker said...

I misspoke. I in fact knew none of them. Thank you.


Chance said...

And now, five utterly wrong answers.

1. missouri?
2. colorado?
3. hawaii, for sure
4. south carolina?
5. puerto rico? not a state; you wouldn't do that to us. uh... north carolina?

man, your quizzes are too hard.

DrSchnell said...

1. Tennessee
2. Colorado
3. Hawaii
4. South Carolina
5. Ohio

Michael5000 said...


1. Tennessee
2. Colorado
3. Hawaii
4. South Carolina
5. Ohio

Michael5000 said...

...which means there are three (3) Exclamation Points going out for the 39th running of the L&TM5K Monday Quiz. Boo claims her third EP, Calico Cat grabs her fifth, and DrSchnell goes two in a row to nail down his 14th MQ win.

There have now been 28 Quizzes under the bridge since MQ11, which was on Architecture. Mrs.5000 was one of three winners of that one, which put her out front on the all-time Monday Quiz list for good -- until tonight. By taking his 14th E.P., DrSchnell has finally caught up to Mrs.5000. Will he be able to score the go-ahead win in next week's Monday Quiz? Or, will the City of Roses' reigning Queen of General Knowledge put the hurt on him? And what of Cartophiliac, and the element of Chance, both lurking but two wins behind? The excitement never lets up at the Life & Times of Michael5000!

Michael5000 said...

@Karin: Did you have flaggy dreams?

@Calico: I DID know that. And studiously avoided them, for obvious reasons.

@d: It's ok. This is pretty much a dorks-only bar.

@Elizabeth: I'm intrigued by your choices.

@Nichim: Very droll.

@Dug: Hawaii bit your ass. Strangely enough, Hawaii is an easy one if you are into quilting. Just thought I'd mention that.

@Rex: Eh, you were still on New Zealand time. At least you named actual states, more or less.

@Chance: I feel cheated. I only got two utterly wrong answers. Plus, your joke was way too easy this week. Which is not to say I didn't laugh when I read it. 'Cause I did.

Anonymous said...

Curses! I need a transfusion of random knowledge, preferably with megadoses of historoids and geographicates.