Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Single Release Party: "I'm Sorry, Madonna"

More than two years since the "release" of my last "single," I am once again ready to bring on the "rock!" This summer's sure-fire hit is a mid-tempo feel-good meditation on the arbitrary nature of celebrity, with a quirky little solo break thrown in for good measure! I'm sure it will be all over the airwaves in no time. But you, the beloved L&TM5K readership -- you get to hear it first.

I'm Sorry, Madonna
Words and Music (c) 2008
(Creative Commons)

If you are not able to play the song from the box above, or if you desire to download a copy of this fine piece of music to keep on your very own hard drive, try this link.

All singin', accoustic instruments, electric instruments, and percussion programming by me.

Thanks to Austin for loaning me the electric I used for the solo bits.

Thanks to Mrs.5000 for putting up with this hobby, which is not unobtrusive.

Thanks to you, for being part of the single release party!


Nichim said...

Nice trumpeting! This is going to be stuck in my head for a good while, with background visuals of myself at age 7 dancing around in a spangly tutu. So glad to be at the release party!

Heatherbee said...

I suck at commenting on music. I like it though. It's really, um, pleasant to listen to. And all the different bits fit together well.

Really, I like it a lot. It's one of your better songs for, um, listenability? As in, one of your better-sounding songs? Sorry for the inarticulate verbal barf.

Jennifer said...

Yay! Music party with Michael5000!

(Plus, I like the solo. :-) )

Cartophiliac said...

good jams, mon, good jams

margaret said...

Yay Michael. I love it. My fave part is your background vocal harmonizing. If you're such a good singer, rocker, musician, how come you don't dance?

Also, why don't you have a link on your blog to all your other tunes on SoundClick? Or did I miss it?

Chance said...

Nice! All your songs are entertaining. This isn't my very favorite of yours, but it's fun.

Your chorus raises disturbing epistemological and semantic questions: is everyone a "star"? If not, what's the minimum lumens one needs to be a "star"? Can one even be a tiny tiny star (aside from Tom Cruise --- HEY-yooo)?

Ben said...

Very nice! I'll even let the electronic trumpet slide because you're a one-man band (just hire a real brass player when you take the show on the road).

I'm with you on overt story of the lyrics--I also didn't think she had the talent to make it so big, and I also can't think of the name of any songs since the '80s. I'm not a star, though, not even a tiny, tiny one.

Nice job! Keep it up!

Dug said...

Musically speaking - dude you've really made amazing strides. You're way ahead of me!

Lyrically speaking - nicely stated without any trace of gratuitous nastiness.

Happy single release!

Rebel said...

Wooo hoo - dance party on Michael's blog!

Karin said...

Cool rhythms and guitar licks, very reminiscent of some folksier West African tunes I know and love. Although I might only think that because I just went to a Zimbabwean concert at the zoo. Not at all West African, but whatev.

Rock on! In your M5K way.

mhwitt said...

Very nice to see a new offering, Mr. 5000. Your Happy and Prime discs get frequent play in our cars and home. My iPod's shuffle mode always seems especially fond of them too.

Unknown said...

m5k-- marvelous. not marvelous? the fact that it's now stuck in my head. good job in that you've come up with a catchy hook though, in that...

Tereza said...

Nice guitar sounds. Hey, Michael, that wasn't an electronic trumpet, though, was it? It sounds acoustic to me.

A friend of mine, a musician in NY, is good friends w/ a guy who plays w/ Madonna a lot. Apparently she can't sing in tune & has to sing through a computer that adjusts her pitch!!!!!

So... I'm w/ you. I don't really get the appeal.

P.S. didn't mean to delete so many previous comments... was signed in under wrong alias.

Michael5000 said...

@Nichim: Thanks for kicking off the party! And in a spangly tutu!

@Heatherbee: Thanks man. We should get together and sing some time.

@Jennifer: Yay!

@Carto: Irae!

@margaret: I don't dance mostly because I'm not drunk yet.

@Chance: It's all about the episotemology. Thanks for noticing.

@Ben: You are a much less tiny, tiny star than me. You even perform in public sometimes. Don't say you don't: I've seen it happen!

@Dug: That means a lot coming from you. And, yes, I bear no ill will toward Madonna, and hopefully the song doesn't telegraph any.

@Rebel: It's OK to dance, if you want to.

@Karin: Rocking on! When I tried to get West African, I ended up with Ringtones. And then I accepted that I'm from a small village in rural Oregon.

@mhwitt: Smashing!

@Becky: Woo-hoo! I got stuck in somebody's head! So to speak!

@Tereza: Of course it's a real trumpet. Don't pay any attention to Ben. What does HE know about trumpets?

d said...

dude! nicely done. your voice doesn't sound like what i imagined it would. it didn't even make my ears bleed.

no, really. i like it. but i'm a whore for the trumpet.