Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Monday Quiz XLI

Aerial Photos

This week, the Monday Quiz takes a bird's-eye view of some famous places. You've heard of all of them. But can you identify them?

1. What is this place called?

2. What city is this?

3. What city is this?

4. What is this place called?

5. What is the compound in the upper left of this photo called?

Submit your answers in the comments.

...and, just for fun: where's this?


Karin said...

1. dunno
2. dunno
3. dunno
4. dunno
5. dunno

and just for fun: Ayers Rock, Australia. (or Mars, but no, there are roads.)

Yankee in England said...

1. Lots of cool lines

2. City in the middle of the water

3. City with a river running through it

4. Very geometrical place

5. dunna know

Big rock in desert

And the winner for most ambigious answers goes to Yank

Anonymous said...

no punctuation for me today!

1 Versailles?
2 Venice
3 Vienna (a theme?)
4 Forbidden City (in Beijing, if there's more than one...) (no theme?)
5 Red Square?

fun: Ayers Rock, Australia

Well, I've got the best answers so far.

Cartophiliac said...

1. washington dc? I don't think so, but its my only guess

2. Hong Kong?

3. Paris

4. Forbidden City

5. Buckingham Palace

Extra: It's that rock in Australia

Rebel said...

1 Disney land? NOt one from the US though... maybe Euro disney?
2 Atlantis?
4 Is that a temple? Looks like the temple in Jerusalem maybe?
5 The Playboy mansion???

Uluru/Ayers Rock again? I'd say mars, but I see roads.

Christine M. said...

1. mmm, the Washington Mall?

2. Venice?

3. Paris?

4. Forbidden City?

5. have no idea

fun: Ayers Rock, Australia

mhwitt said...

I am just sure that Professor Loy would not be impressed with my performance here.

1. Paris, I guess, but that does not quite seem right actually.
2. Venice.
3. New Orleans, but probably not since I don't see any of those 'rang roads' characteristic of French Colonial settlement. (Alert! Obligatory Geography major terminology.)
4. The Forbidden City and Tienanmen Square, I think. Will I lose points for misspelling?
5. Conjunction Junction.
6. Uluru / Ayers Rock. Hey, that's a repeat from a recent quiz!

Chance said...

Very tough one today.

1. no idea. It doesn't look much like Paris, but that's my best guess.
2. I'm guessing Venice
3. that river could be the Thames, but is London really that congested? It seems Asian in its exhaustive crowdedness.
4. Forbidden City, Beijing, I guess.
5. no clue. Disneyland.
fun: Uluru.

Anonymous said...

1 Versailles. Seems like it would have to be, anyway, though I had no idea the town was built up so close.
2 Ah, Venezia. Or, as a German road sign points to in one of the old Indiana Jones movies, "Venice."
3 Hmm. This one is the most puzzling to me. I was going to say Paris, but landmarks aren't where they should be. I'll say London.
4 That would be the Forbidden City in Beijing. I think it's called the Forbidden City, not the Forbidden Palace. In any case, it was forbidden.
5 That would be the Kremlin, dude.
6 That would be Ayers Rock. Hey, there's my mom!

Rebel said...

mhwitt should get double bonus points for conjunction junction btw. ;)

Anonymous said...

1. Versaille (sp?)
2. Venice
3. London
4. St. Peters?
5. The Kremlin

Ayers Rock

Anonymous said...

1. All those lines leading to and from it seem like it could be feng shuish. Hmmm. No clue but love the massive gardens. A palace. Taj Mahal. Why not?

2. Almost submerged. Venice?

3. Cram packed. No idea.

4. Red Square? Guessing.

5. The roofs should give it away to someone who knows. That's not me. Another guess: Parliament.

For fun: Mars?

I look forward to coming back for the answers.

Anonymous said...

1 / Versailles
2 / Venice
3 / Budapest
4 / Forbidden City
5 / Reminds me of the Kremlin. I keep clicking the image expecting it to magnify, so I can see St. Basel's or Lenin's Urn, but no. So, I'm unsure. But I don't really know any other compounds except the sentences I prefer, so "Kremlin".
Just for fun / in Australia

Michael5000 said...

Well... judging from not many entries, and some Hail Marys among those, we can file this one under "Didn't Have a Clue How Hard it Was."

1. Large palace structure, geometrical gardens a go-go; we're looking at Versailles.

2. An island city with lotsa canals; Venice.

3. Hyde Park in the upper left corner is the giveaway here; we're looking at Central London. Yes, it's that dense, and it stays that dense for quite a ways in all directions.

4. The Forbidden City

5. The golden onion domes are a clue here, and the relatively small pool of famous compounds; it's the Kremlin and Red Square.
(Either answer was OK in my book.)

The other one was another look at Ayer's Rock/Uluru. Looks very Martian! ...except for the roads and parking lot.

Michael5000 said...

So, all things considered, the standard for punctuation tonight is any five of the six correct.

Our four winners are all grabbing their second E.P. running after the MQXL AustraliaFest: gs49, KarmaSartre, Critical Bill, and Mrs.5000. Special props to (sigh) Mrs.5000, who nails 6/6 to take the lead in the lifetime battle for most Exclamation points.

Congrats all around, and welcome back to Fifth Season competition!

Yankee in England said...

Yeah I have actually seen many aireals(sp?) of London and I had no clue. If you had done a shot with the millenium dome it would have been a no brainer, for me at least, but then that shot is used on a popular British soap.

Rebel said...

But why does Versailles look like Mickey Mouse?

The Calico Cat said...

You posted a quiz on a holiday....
(I would have done - o.k.)

Michael5000 said...

@Yank: the low color contrast on this shot makes it a little more challenging than usual.

@Rebel: Because you're stoned? Just guessing.

@Calico: I did! And on a Monday! The Quiz waits on no second-tier holidays!

Anonymous said...

How did I miss the roads? I never have been good with parking lots though.

Mark Walter Evans said...

1. Versailles, les Jardaines des Tulleries.
2. New Orleans, just after Katrina hit...
3. London England, on the Thames
4. The Forbidden City, Beijing, China
5. The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia
6. That's either some bump on Mars, the Red Planet;
Ayers Rock, in the outback of Australia; =OR=
it's the site in the Gobi desert where Stalin was
working on the A-bomb, back in the 1930's...